UCAS Says International Student Applications Expected To Rise By 50%
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UCAS Says International Student Applications Expected To Rise By 50%

Rachael Grealish May 26, 2022

UCAS has said international student university applications are expected to rise by almost 50% in the next four years.

This news comes as the UCAS and College Board have released their new report, Where Next – What influences the choices international students make.

UK is the place to be

UCAS estimated the volume of international undergraduate applicants will increase by 46% to 208,500 by 2026.

UNESCO reports that 5.6 million students, equivalent to the entire population of Singapore, study in a different country to their home nation, and according to the report the UK continues to be a leading host destination for international students, second only to the US with both countries collectively hosting 30% of international students.

The survey, which was completed by 1,300 students planning to study internationally, showed the key motivations for wanting to study in the UK include; the want to experience life in a different country, that is safe, and with a strong academic reputation.

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Cultural factors such as the worldwide admiration of the NHS and the English language are also crucial for many considering UK universities to study at.

The way the UK handled the pandemic didn’t seem to deter any international students either as during the pandemic, 88% of students viewed the UK as a positive place to study – with 77% applying because of the UK’s strong academic reputation.

Motivation for studying abroad

According to the report motivation for wanting to study abroad differed by each nation. Nigerian students were most interested in gaining skills to support them in their careers (chosen by 80% of Nigerian respondents), while for Indian students, the most important factor is that HE options are of ‘better quality’ (75% of respondents from India) than at home.

Prospects after graduation are more important for those wanting to study in the US (57%), Singapore (54%) and the UK (54%); whereas experiencing life in that country is more important to those considering Italy (75%) and the Netherlands (72%).

The report also showed students are five times more likely to say securing a job in their destination country, rather than their home nation, is their top priority.

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