UK Responds With Hilarious Turnip Memes During Veg Shortage
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UK Responds With Hilarious Turnip Memes During Veg Shortage

Jasmyne Jeffery February 25, 2023

You’ve probably heard or seen, that fruit and veg is a little tricky to get hold of at the moment in the UK. Whilst it’s incredibly annoying, the jokes to come out of it has really helped. When some…interesting advice was given, we started Turnip gate and the turnip memes began.

News that the fruit and veg shortage in the UK might last for a few more months isn’t what we want to hear. For the time being, we’ve managed through the help of hilarious memes concerning a less popular vegetable. If you’re bored of advice and just want some laughs, then we can help with that.

Why Is There A Fruit And Veg Shortage In The UK?

The BBC reports that supermarkets are suffering from a lack of fruit and veg at the moment largely due to bad weather in areas where it is sourced. Bad weather in Span and North Africa, where the UK gets lots of crops during the colder months, means that fruit and veg are damaged and/or unable to be transported.

It was believed that the UK would be able to deal with this issue, however, the cost of living crisis has resulted in farmers delaying their planting; greenhouses are more expensive to run and supermarkets offering low prices for produce.

Although ministers have said that the fruit and veg shortage in the UK should only last for a month, those producing them think that’s optimistic.

“The majority of tomatoes, peppers and aubergines are not going to be around in big volumes until May, so it’s going to be longer than a few weeks,” Lee Stiles of the Lea Valley Growers Association (LVGA) told the BBC.

Shoppers left with a lack of tomatoes, cucumbers and more may have to get used to it. But there have been plenty of turnips left…

Turnip Gate Results In Hilarious Memes

The UK has responded to MP Therese Coffey, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural affairs suggesting to Parliament that the public should eat turnips. Let’s just say that people are not best pleased with the suggestion and aren’t sure it actually solves the problem. It was at this point that the turnip memes began…

The turnip memes have started off well, but what we would do for some tomatoes instead…

And the survey says…

Ah, this meme template never gets old. And so don’t turnips…apparently.

It’s strange to think that things really only got worse from when this was around the first time.

Some people are remembered for their manifestos, others for their connection to vegetables.

It’s funny…but it’s also not funny. Time to dig out the turnip recipes.

Food, glorious food! Turnips and….turnips!

If laughing helps out get through it, then that’s something! Hopefully, it won’t be as along as May before we see other kinds of fruit and veg in our supermarkets again. Just be prepared to get used to the taste of turnips…that is until there’s none of them left either.

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