University of Sheffield launches a cost of living hub for staff and students
Night, City Hall, Sheffield, England
Night, City Hall, Sheffield, England

University of Sheffield Launches Cost Of Living Hub For Staff And Students

Jasmyne Jeffery November 9, 2022

The University of Sheffield has launched a cost-of-living hub for staff and students. The hub of information and financial help adds to the aid already offered by the university this year.

The new hub launched by the university will highlight the range of support offered to both staff and students during the current cost-of-living crisis. Information and guidance is being offered, as well as ways to save money whilst on campus. Additionally, financial help can be accessed at the hub.

Though support is offered on campus, a wide range of information is also available online. The website assures students that equipment can be loaned for free, as well as places to charge devices. Additionally, the University of Sheffield is promoting free events for students encouraging socialising and extra-curricular activities.

For staff, the site offers comprehensive information of the benefits of working from home and at the university. Due to increasing utility costs, many staff are returning to the University of Sheffield to work. However, this then means an increased travelling cost due to the commute.

The university is encouraging both staff and students to use the free hot showers available on campus. Additionally, the use of their wellbeing services to those struggling mentally during the crisis is being heavily promoted.

They have also confirmed that there will be a price freeze. This will apply to parking and all cafes and bars across the campus and is in place until at least July 2023.

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The University of Sheffield Already Had Provisions In Place

To help combat the effects of the cost of living crisis, the university had already offered financial support. This has been available to both staff and students.

For students, they had increased funding for postgraduate students by 10%, as well as bursaries for those from less privileged backgrounds. On top of this, students have been offered at £150 grant to partake in extra-curricular activities.

The financial support worth available to students, worth £3 million, has also been added to.

For staff, an additional payment of £1000 has been given. All casual workers and teaching assistants will also see an increase in their hourly pay from now until July 2023. Earlier this year, the University of Sheffield already increased their pay, with those on the lowest income receiving up to a 9% increase.

The President and Vice Chancellor spoke on the crisis:

Increases in the cost of living are affecting communities across the UK. The steps we have taken for our students and staff are aimed at helping as quickly as possible, with a range of targeted support. 

“For our staff, we have boosted salaries for all, but we have ensured that people on the lowest pay grades have received the largest increases. We know that the pressures that staff face are varied, so we are responding in a number of different ways – including by looking at on-campus costs. 

“For students, we are very aware of how financial issues can affect their time at university. We hope that students who are struggling will contact the University as soon as possible and access the additional support available”.

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