The Importance Of BTEC Students Attending University
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The Importance Of BTEC Students Attending University

Alex Fletcher May 15, 2022

For many people, university can often be perceived as simply an academic pursuit. Whether it’s working in a lab, or having your face buried in books, university can feel like heaven for these kinds of thinkers. However, in the modern day we are rightly starting to prioritise those who find their skillset in the vocational arena of education. The one thing I have always wondered, however, is have attitudes really changed towards vocational subjects within university? Sports, the arts, the service industry or even construction. Do we really prioritise these subjects at the so called “conventional” universities?

To answer this question honestly, I would say no. While we have made great strides in the UK in recognising the importance of vocational-based professions, I still feel we fall well short in the university arena. I have always felt the traditional academic structure has almost prevented these subjects from being seen as true university degrees. Furthermore, those choosing to study these subjects and pursue these careers may still not be seen as the ‘intelligent’ and academic members of our society. Something I feel is quite sad (and untrue).

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New opportunities

To highlight the importance of BTEC students being able to successfully attend university, I was keen to hear the thoughts of an existing BTEC student in his second year of college. When I asked Jack how he felt about this issue, he stated that ‘the importance of BTEC students going to university is huge. In recent years, BTECs have become more popular and give you the chance to get the right amount of UCAS points to get into great unis’. It would seem that BTECs really do give college students the chance to enhance their university applications.

When asked about the importance to universities, Jack was keen to state that he felt ‘it’s really important universities take BTEC students. They shouldn’t just be for academics, and practical learners should have equal opportunities’. This is something I must admit I still feel doesn’t occur at UK universities. This is despite the fact that vocational workers make up such an important part of both the UK economy and society. 

Universities in times gone by prioritised academic work. But, now we recognise the importance of vocational work in contemporary Britain. I think it is about time that universities do the same. While purpose-built institutions for vocational subjects do exist, the existing university system seems to be well behind the times. Something I certainly hope changes very soon.

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