Watching Sports At The SU Could Make You More Friends Than Clubbing
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Watching Sports At The SU Could Make You More Friends Than Clubbing

Molly Raby April 23, 2022

The student union (SU) can be the HQ for student life at universtiy. It’s where everyone can go to get a drink, some cheap food and meet new people! Of course going out on the town is another way to meet folks, but there can be the pressures of drinking and all the negative issues that surround a ‘night out’.

So, if you don’t want to venture out into the nightlife scene, but still want to make some new pals, why not head to the SU when your favourite sports team are on and strike up a conversation with someone.

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Similar Interests

First off, if you find someone at the bar or at a table who looks like they are enjoying the football, cricket, golf, etc, make a comment about the game. They will most likely engage with you.

You already have a similar interest, so you can skip the weird phase of trying to find common ground. Talk about your favourite (or least favourite) players, your favourite recent game or topical issues from the sport. You may find that the conversation makes itself.

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No Awkward Silences

No one likes awkward silences and when watching sports games, there are none! If there is a lull in your conversation, simply watch the game. Most sports have commentators to fill the silence, so you don’t have to. Then wait for something notable in the game and you will find that the conversation sparks back up.

Friendly Rivalry

Of course we like meeting people who like the same things as we do and support the same team as us, but a bit of friendly rivalry can actually make a new friendship even better. Some lighthearted banter goes a long way in the SU and this can put both of you at ease. You may even find a group of people who support your team, who you can watch the game with.

If you manage to make a friend while watching a game, then you have the perfect excuse to meet back up when there is another one on! No weird Instagram DMs about trying to figure out what time you might want to meet up or where to go. Just meet them back at the SU HQ!

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