We Can't Get Enough Of These Tinder Swindler Memes
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We Can't Get Enough Of These Tinder Swindler Memes

Tamzin Meyer February 10, 2022

The Netflix Tinder Swindler documentary has taken over Twitter because people just can’t believe that one guy could con so many women the way he did – through a dating app. Tinder Swindler may have made us lose faith in humanity, and helped us decide that you are better off being single, but it sure has provided us with some great memes.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, what are you waiting for? Likely to go as stratospheric as Tiger King, Tinder Swindler will generate plenty of discussions in the weeks ahead. And if you have already been shocked by the frankly bizarre story, these memes should should be particularly relatable.

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