Welsh Universities Face 1000 Job Losses Due To Lack Of Funding
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Welsh Universities Face 1000 Job Losses Due To Lack Of Funding

Jasmyne Jeffery February 8, 2023

University leaders in Wales are desperately appealing for more funding. Up to 1000 jobs are on the line at Welsh universities as funding for research projects is at risk. Appeals have been made to MPs after money cuts when the UK left the EU have not been replaced. Skilled workers’ jobs are now on the line.

Welsh universities are turning to government ministers after reported promises for funding have not been fulfilled. Now, research projects across the country are being stopped due to a lack of money. Lots of these projects are at the heart of “UK ambitions,” let alone careers for hundreds of workers.

Before Brexit, universities in Wales received a reported £370 million from the EU structural funds. However, the money has not been replaced and now 60 research projects will end this year.

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Welsh Universities Lack Funding For Research Projects

Professor Paul Boyce of Swansea University asked ministers for £71 million in “urgent” funding. This injection of money would put a temporary stop to job losses and keep these projects running.

One of the projects at Swansea University is research into buildings that can store and release heat and energy from solar power. The goal is for energy to be stored in the summer which can then be used in the winter months. This project alone works with hundreds of private sector partners as well as creating seven spin-off companies.

Sustainability and energy are at the forefront of lots of people’s minds; stopping projects like this are detrimental to the UK’s advancements in these areas.

Geraint Thomas, the Labour MP for Swansea North agreed that stopping these Welsh research projects goes against UK ambition.

“These projects are important to our UK ambition to crank up sustainable economic growth, so their sudden loss would be a big blow to our communities our economy and all our longer-term interests.”

Funding will stop at the end of 2023, with the government promising that it will replace it. However, concerns about distribution and delays to the funding mean that lots of projects will run out of money before new funding is allocated.

At Cardiff University, it’s reported that 12 projects will be forced to end due to lack of money. Five more are already in the process of shutting down after funding ran out in 2022.

The loss of these projects will be detrimental to the skilled workers losing their jobs and years of work. However, it will negatively impact the economic stimulation these projects aimed to create.

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