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What And When Is Foster Care Fortnight?

This is the time of year dedicated to show how fostering can really transform people’s lives, and thus raising its profile.

This is an annual UK-wide campaign and this year it takes place from 9 to 22 May 2022.

There is always a theme to this fortnight, and this year it is fostering communities. This means that these two weeks aim to show the strength and resilience within the fostering communities.

It also provides information to ensure that children are cared for properly, and are in a supportive environment where they can thrive and be anything they want to be.

Spreading Awareness

There are different events that you can partake in to spread foster awareness, and highlight the importance of this fortnight.

Firstly, this involves a foster walk. This is where you can join with the fostering community and do a sponsored walk for this specific cause.

Throughout this walk there are flyers, information, and stands where you can find out how to become a foster carer, and what this would entail.

The Use of Social Media:

From the use of social media and hashtags such as #FCF22 and fostering communities, people share their experiences, stories, influence, and how previous campaigns have helped them greatly.

The fostering community work hard to promote change. They massively influence and muster up support.

Through joining specific events, researching further campaigns, or making a donation through the website – change can really be made.

The people who run this campaign and also the website – want to highlight that “whether you are a foster carer, a social worker, young person or supporter of foster care you are part of a community making a real difference to the lives of young people, and we want to celebrate the impact you all have”.

DONATE if possible!

If you have anything that you are able to donate to this fantastic cause, please do so, as this really does change the path of many children’s lives.

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