Four Classic Film Soundtracks And Why They Are So Good
Olivia Newton-John And John Travolta In 'Grease'
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Four Classic Film Soundtracks And Why They Are So Good

Cicely McFarlane June 11, 2022

Films with a great soundtrack will stay in your mind long after the final titles have rolled.

A good film soundtrack, that you want to repeat over and over again, is a sign of a great story along with really well written music. There are so many films with an amazing soundtrack, yet here of some of the top ones!

These soundtracks are great to sing and dance to as they evoke a sense of happiness, as well as being quite moving.

Dirty Dancing

This 1980s movie is famous for its amazing dance scenes, and the romantic story between a dance teacher and a camp member.

Patrick Swayze is idolised in this film as he teaches ‘Baby’ (played by Jennifer Grey) how to dance for the all-important show.

This soundtrack has amazing songs such as ‘Hungry Eyes’, ‘I’ve had the time of my life’, and many more amazing 80s classics to enjoy.

These are great songs to play on a summer’s evening, as the 80s vibe will fill you with joy and will definitely make you want to get up and dance.

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Les Miserable

This film has been released twice and re-adapted most recently in 2012. This is a story of a former criminal who atoning for sins and tries to build a better life amid the French Revolution.

This is a very moving film, with even more emotive songs. This adaptation and soundtrack which is available on Spotify tell this story perfectly.

There are some very emotional, inspiring, and heart-breaking songs which will strike a chord with many as you listen to these beautifully well written and sang lyrics.

As you listen these songs you can hear the story untold through these amazingly written lyrics.


This is a film that almost everybody will know the songs to. These are some of the catchiest tunes to play at a summer party, as they will get all your guests off their seats.

You can hear the characters throughout all of these songs as it tells the story of a young high school couple from different social groups, falling in love.

This soundtrack is filled with some high-energy dance numbers, as well as some classic old school songs that everybody will know and love.

Mamma Mia

The Mamma Mia films are based on the songs from the pop group ABBA. Both the first and second films are stories written around these timeless tunes.

The lyrics are unbelievably catchy, well written, and loved by so many people.

This is a summer soundtrack that will definitely be enjoyed as you soak up some sunny rays.

These are songs that are almost always played at a party or event, as they fill people with the idea of fun summer evenings.

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