What Are The Best Christmas Adverts Of 2022?
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What Are The Best Christmas Adverts Of 2022?

Molly Raby November 15, 2022

Now, it is that time of year where we see shops and garden centres putting up tinsel and playing Michael Bublé. With this, we also get the highly anticipated Christmas ads. But what are the best Christmas adverts of 2022?

It feels as though this year has just started but, in reality, Christmas is just over a month away! 

Of course, everyone waits on tenterhooks for the John Lewis Christmas advert, but let’s take a look at who else has gone all out this year.


In an advert called “Have your Elf a Merry Christmas”, Asda has really knocked it out of the park this year. The advert sees the beloved character Buddy, from the classic Christmas film Elf, getting lost around the store. 

Buddy, played by Will Ferrell, ends up befriending Asda delivery drivers, sampling different foods and generally running around. After being locked inside overnight, Buddy decorates the whole store in Christmas decorations, which ultimately gets him a job.

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No one was expecting to see such a wholesome attempt at a simple Christmas shop advert. But, nonetheless, we love it.


In the same strand as Asda, Aldi went down the classic Christmas film route.

Continuing with their narrative with Kevin the carrot, originally aired in 2016, we see Kevin’s family boarding a plane for Paris. But, oh no! Little Kevin has been left home alone… much like the film Home Alone.

Whilst home by himself, Kevin tries to protect his house from burglars, ending in Kevin ziplining out of the top window. He falls headfirst into a snowman and is finally reunited with his family. Oh, and of course, Santa Claus arrives and joins in the festivities.

Marks and Spencer

This year, Marks and Spencer was the first retailer to air their Christmas advert and it is a great one. This ad features the comedic duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

French revisits her character as a fairy that she played in last year’s Christmas advert. Saunders plays the fairy’s new sidekick, Duckie, a well-loved and slightly broken dog chew toy.

When talking about the advert, Marks and Spencer say:

“The dynamic of the characters is sure to bring smiles across the UK, as Dawn French’s glamourous Fairy is joined by the voice of an exasperated and downtrodden Jennifer Saunders as Duckie the chew toy. Sure to bring even more joy, is the excitable dog Wylie… set to become a favourite on screens this Christmas.”

John Lewis

In keeping with heartwarming adverts, John Lewis has struck again. The advert centres around the idea that small acts of kindness can go a long way.

We see a man trying to learn how to skateboard during any free time in the day he has. He frequently falls but gets back up and gradually gets better.

As he becomes quite good at the sport, we see a young girl, Ellie, appear at his door with a skateboard. It is revealed that his family will be fostering Ellie and he has been trying to teach himself skateboarding because that could be something they can talk about together.

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