What Can We Expect at the Spanish Grand Prix?
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What Can We Expect At The Spanish Grand Prix?

Francesca Herring May 20, 2022

It’s always interesting to consider what we can expect ahead of an F1 race, and this time, it’s the Spanish GP. The drivers are taking on Barcelona on 22 May at the Spanish Grand Prix. The reigning winner of the Spanish GP is Lewis Hamilton, having one win in 2014 and five consecutive wins from 2017 onwards. But will he get a sixth consecutive win this weekend? Let’s look at what we can expect ahead of the event.

Upgrades in Spain

Several teams are bringing upgrades this week in a bid to work their way up the Championship standings. Current leaders, Ferrari, are bringing in a brand-new floor to their car. As they try to catch up to Redbull, they’re aiming to combat the porpoising issue they have. Redbull, meanwhile, are shedding some more weight off the RB18 for faster lap times. It’ll be interesting to see which car comes out on top this weekend as they battle for a podium. 

We might be playing spot the difference this weekend with the Aston Martin and Redbull this weekend. Bringing a brand-new set up to Barcelona, it seems that Aston Martin may have taken some inspiration from the successes of the RB18. We’ll have to see how this pans out for the team, who currently sit 9th in the Constructors Championship. 

Reigning Barcelona champion, Hamilton, and his teammate Russell will be hoping to get closer to the podium this weekend. The Silver Arrows will be bringing in a new front wing and floor in a bid to reduce their porpoising. Former Mercedes driver Bottas will also receive a new front wing and floor on his Alfa-Romeo as he hopes to keep ahead of his former team. 

Who could win the Spanish GP?

Other teams are also expected to bring some new upgrades this weekend, so we’ll have to see whether the Barcelona GP will be a real shake up in the standings. A big question though, is whether Hamilton will retain his position. Going off the start of this season, it seems unlikely that he’ll be able to match the speeds of Leclerc and Verstappen. 

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Could we see Leclerc’s first Spanish win on Sunday? Verstappen has already won at Barcelona, disrupting Mercedes’ winning streak in 2016. It’s a 66-lap race with long straights and several corners, so will Verstappen get the high speed Redbull round it with no issues? Or will Leclerc beat him to it? It could be anyone’s game this weekend with these new upgrades. 

Fans can watch the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday 22 May at 14:00pm. Qualifying will take place on Saturday the 21 at 15:00pm. 

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