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What Can You Do With An English Language Degree?

Ellie-Rose Baker January 25, 2023

Similarly to a literature degree, there is the overarching assumption that an English language degree will lead you directly into a teaching position. This doesn’t have to be the case. So what can you do with an English Language degree?

An English language degree is an all-rounder, in some ways more so than a literature degree. Not only does it provide you with precise analytical skills, you will also be able to apply these skills to different aspects of employment.


To work in publishing, you will need to have the ability to appreciate the different roles within a structure to create a finished product, as in the English language. All of these skills you will already have developed through your studies.

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Often associated with one another (although they are largely separate job roles!), copyediting and proofreading are examples of what might be natural progression from an English language degree. Again, a detailed knowledge of grammar is necessary. These roles are often freelance and can sometimes be used as an additional income to a primary job.

ESOL Teaching

Okay, I know what I said, but it isn’t mainstream teaching! ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) teaching can take you anywhere and everywhere. From Refugee centres, to a Thai island school, to your local primary to provide 1:1 help to ESOL pupils. It requires a detailed knowledge about grammar as much as knowledge of grammar.

Speech and Language Therapy

With additional qualifications, a career in Speech and Language Therapy might be a great option for an English language graduate. This role involves working with a diverse range of people and is an incredibly rewarding job to have.

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Your lexis and grammar knowledge would greatly benefit you in a marketing role, particularly how by using it (in) correctly can change its meaning.

Whether your degree was solely language-based, or a combination of literature and language, the skills you will gain will be largely transferrable and will benefit you immensely in future work.

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