What clothes to bring to university
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What clothes do I need to bring to uni?

Ella Kipling December 8, 2021

Wondering what clothes to bring to university? Life is a runway, and uni is no different. But that doesn’t mean you need to rock up to your new digs with a wardrobe big enough to impress Miranda Priestly. 

Let’s start with what you don’t need:


Yes you heard me, you need ONE pair of high heels maximum. There are very few occasions at university in which you would need to wear a pair of shoes other than trainers, but it is always good to pack one pair for Christmas balls and the few formal events that take place throughout the year. 

Lots of formal clothes

It is good to bring one shirt for job interviews or potential internships, and one formal outfit, be it a dress or a suit for balls and fancy events. 

Moving swiftly on to clothing items you absolutely need to bring: 

Clubbing shoes

Now, trainer lovers will know that daytime shoes and clubbing shoes are two completely different things. If you have never been clubbing before, one thing you absolutely need to know is that your shoes will be trashed. You will find yourself stumbling out of the club at 3am before looking down and wondering if you had, in fact, actually spent your entire evening in the sewers. So, whatever you do, don’t wear your new Air Force 1s to the club – that is a grave mistake. 

Comfy clothes

You will live in these. Early morning lecture after a night out? Tracksuit bottoms. Making dinner after a long day? Tracksuit bottoms. As much as you may plan to rock up to uni in the coolest outfits, comfort will soon become your biggest priority and you will most likely never see your skinny jeans again. 

Going out clothes

Whether you like to go clubbing or prefer bars, pubs, or house parties, you will be doing a lot of partying at uni, so it is vital to pack clothes you feel comfortable going out in. Skirts, tops, dresses, jeans, whatever takes your fancy, just make sure you pack enough so you still have something to wear out when your go-to outfit is at the bottom of your laundry basket covered in alcopops and vomit. 

Lots of pants and socks

Laundry at uni, as you will soon find out, is the bane of almost every student’s existence. You will run out of pants and socks so it is always good to have a lot of spares for when you just don’t have time to do your laundry and you’ve already turned your pants inside out twice. 

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