I love The Apprentice and am known in my house for testing out products from the candidates’ businesses. Over the years I’ve tried Camilla Ainsworth’s nut milk, Sarah Lynn’s sweets, Alana Spencer’s traybakes and now I thought it was worth trying one of Harpreet Kaur’s chocolate brownies. While I wasn’t overly impressed by the sound of her business after watching the interviews episode last week, I gave into temptation and made an order after seeing the desserts showcased on the Barni’s World TikTok page.

What Exactly Is Harpreet’s Business?

Harpreet’s business is called Barni’s which started out as a standalone dessert parlour Huddersfield, co-owning it with her sister, Guv. However, Harpreet has made it clear on the show that she wishes to open more stores and has now extended her business to include the nationwide delivery of desserts.

While it’s definitely worth visiting the dessert parlour if you can (the milkshakes look amazing), getting some scrumptious desserts delivered to your door is almost as good.

brown and red bread on brown wooden table
Photo by Aneta Voborilova on What Did I Order?

Barni’s sell a variety of different treats, so it was very hard to choose. In the end I opted for the Kinder Bueno Brookie. It’s basically a giant brownie slab covered with chocolatey goodness. If I order again (which spoiler alert – I most likely will) I definitely want to give the cookie cups a go!

There’s a flavour for everyone, from Lotus Biscoff to Jammie Dodger, although the desserts do seem a little on the pricey side. I recommend only buying them for a special occasion or a well-deserved treat.

My Verdict

When the package arrived I was expecting a rather dry and crumbled brownie (this has always been the case when I’ve ordered from similar businesses in the past) but I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging was very secure and had kept everything in one piece. I must add, the Brownie was extremely well presented, which made me feel reassured that the money I spent on it was worth it.

My order came with an individually wrapped chocolate brownie slice covered in purple paper which was rather luxurious in itself. This was a lovely freebie thrown in for anyone who ordered before The Apprentice final and, despite it being a basic, plain brownie, I must say, it was one of the best brownies I’ve had.

As for the brookie, (the moment you’ve all been waiting for) I warmed mine up for 20 seconds as recommended by Harpreet on the packaging. I tell you, she’s on to something with that advice, as all the layers melted together to create a chocolate sensation that screamed luxury.

While it did get a little sickly after a while (a small slice is just enough) I have to say that the brownie was as fresh as if I was eating it at the dessert parlour. I was surprised to find it so flavoursome and moist after it had been transported in the post for a day or two.

I was really impressed with my order and can’t wait to finish off the rest of the brownie while watching The Apprentice final.