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What Does SMH Mean On Snapchat?

Zoe Kramer March 27, 2023

Snapchat users are big fans of acronyms. It’s easy to see why — few of us enjoy the pains of texting a full sentence word for word. However, in using abbreviations there is always the risk of getting lost in translation. Your few letter of abbreviation could leave the recipient scratching their head trying to parse out the meaning. So, if you’re not sure what SMH means on Snapchat, not to worry. After all, with so many new phrases and abbreviations, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Here is what SMH means, some alternate definitions, and a couple of other phrases that can be useful to know.

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What Does SMH Mean?

SMH stands for ‘Shaking My Head’ on Snapchat and elsewhere across the Internet. This is a phrase a person uses to convey disappointment, disapproval, frustration, reluctance, or distaste. For example, someone might write: “My plumbing broke again. SMH.” It can be used in genuine disapproval, or in exaggerated disapproval to tease someone. For example: “You like anchovies on pizza? SMH, we should break up.” Here the frustration is played up for comedy, rather than representing a true resentment.

How you reply to SMH depends on the tone of the message. Oftentimes, the right choice can be sympathy or commiseration. For example, you might reply “Oh no!” Or “I hate it when it happens,” or something to that effect. If you’re being teased, however, you might reply playfully, or hold the ground of the opinion they disagree with.

Other Meanings of SMH

Having a meaning other than “Shaking My Head’ is pretty unusual, but it can happen occasionally. The other phrase SMH can stand for is ‘So Much Hate.’ This meaning expresses a different type of disapproval, specifically a disapproval directed towards inflammatory posts or comments on social media. For example, ‘This platform is exhausting sometimes. SMH.’

There are quite a few other common Snapchat phrases that can be useful to know. ATM stands for at the moment. BRB stands for Be Right Back. ILY stands for I Love You. NRS stands for No Replies, Sorry. SFS stands for Shoutout For Shoutout or Snap For Snap. SMT stands for Send Me That. STE stands for Sent To Everyone. TBH stands for To Be Honest. TBT stands for Throwback Thursday. WR stands for Won’t Reply.

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