What Does The Ukraine Flag Mean?

What Does The Ukraine Flag Mean?

Charis Gambon April 4, 2022

The Ukrainian flag is made up of two horizontal bands of yellow and blue.  These colours were chosen due to what they represent. The wide skies are denoted by the blue aspect of the flag and the wheat fields that characterize the country are denoted by the yellow element.

What do the colours mean?

Blue is often viewed as a non-threatening colour and has attachments to feelings of calmness or serenity. It is also often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure. Additionally, blue is viewed as a sign of stability and reliability. It could also be suggested that blue represents bravery and dedication, which are certainly traits that Ukraine and its people exhibit.

Yellow has connections to happiness, warmth and sunshine. It is not surprising that the colour was chosen for the Ukraine flag due to their substantial wheat growth. Additionally, yellow is the colour of the national flower, the sunflower. Yellow is also seen as a creative colour, which is a great representation of Ukraine as the country and its people are incredibly creative and cultural.

What is the flag’s history?

The Ukraine flag was first used as a state flag in 1918. During this time, it was officially adopted by the short-lived West Ukrainian People’s Republic, which ruled between November 1918 and July 1919, and used by the Ukrainian People’s Republic, which existed between 1917 and 1920.

When Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, between 1921 and 1992, the flag of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was used and the bi-colour flag was outlawed.

The blue and yellow flag was provisionally adopted for official ceremonies in September 1991, following Ukraine gaining its independence from the soviet union. On 28 January 1992, the flag was officially restored by the Parliament of Ukraine.

What is the use of the flag in the current Ukrainian-Russian war?

Many people in Ukraine view their flag as a national symbol of hope during the current war. Flags are being raised all over Ukrainian cities to signify that they wish to defy the Russian invasion of their country.  Flags can be seen in images shared online and in videos that have emerged from Ukraine. The flag is a powerful symbol that Ukrainian spirit cannot, and will not, be broken.  

Flags are an integral part of national identity and Ukraine is no different.

Ukraine army and resistance groups are raising the flag in areas they have been able to reclaim from Russian forces. An example of this is the Ukraine flag raised by soldiers in Bucha after retaking the city. The video of this flag raising can be viewed within this article by the Independent.

The Ukraine flag has also been shared on online platforms by people all over the world who wish to express their support for the country and its people. The national flag of Ukraine has become an international symbol of support.

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