The app comes up with lots of new phrases and terms, with the latest having gone viral with its trend. We explain the passenger princess TikTok meaning and give you some hilarious examples.

There are lots of reasons why people delay learning how to drive. It could be money, anxiety, or simply being someone who loves being a passenger. That’s the vibe with the latest trend on TikTok. As people share how they love life as a passenger princess, others have made it a bit of a joke.

What Is A Passenger Princess On TikTok?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a passenger princess is, typically, a girl who doesn’t know or doesn’t like to drive, so their significant other drives them everywhere. This means their only job is to sit and look pretty, whilst drinking their favourite beverage and often taking care of the music.

Of course, a passenger princess can be a boy and it can be about your friends instead of a girlfriend or boyfriend too. It’s all about not wanting to drive because they live a life of luxury in the passenger seat.

The term has been around since 2020 and gained even more popularity this year and last after going viral on TikTok. Especially as a new trend is incorporating the term for a joke.

The Passenger Princess Meme Goes Viral

The trend involves pretending you’re driving a car but having an image of a steering wheel on your screen and reaching out to touch the person next to you on the leg. Sometimes they know about it, but it’s even funnier when they don’t.

The trending meme is making fun of a stereotypical move to show off a passenger princess, but the meme has some hilarious results.

This poor passenger princess victim didn’t see what was coming. Who’s idea was it to attach chairs and tables, anyway? At least he’s laughing at the end of it.


korean passenger princess

♬ Don’t – Bryson Tiller

These two fully commit to the bit, adding the extra laptop to really show the budget of the production.

Okay, maybe don’t do this with your teacher, even if it is hilarious.


My little passenger princess 🥰 @connor.olbres19 #fyp

♬ Don’t – Bryson Tiller

So many people are breaking the computer screen over it and we’re not sure how you explain that to the tech guy.

Though it’s making fun a little, this meme proves that we all need a passenger princess in our lives.

TikTok Passenger Princesses Share Their Experiences

Actual passenger princess have been sharing their easy experiences , proving it’s what we should all aspire to be.

If your stuff isn’t all over their car with your favourite music blaring and the AC set at a temperature only you find comfortable, then you’re not doing it right.

Being a passenger princess takes a lot of commitment. Plus, all of your boyfriend needs to know who’s really in charge of the car.

The three levels of being a passenger princess. Only a few make it to the third.

It really is the ideal life.

It’s only fair.

Now you know everything there is to know about a TikTok passenger princess. Maybe you’ve suddenly realised you know one, or even that you are one!

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