What Is Ambient Mode In YouTube?
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What Is Ambient Mode In YouTube?

Rachael Grealish October 28, 2022

YouTube released a load of new features for its users in 2022, one being ambient mode – but what is the new feature and how does it work?

These new changes include picture-in-picture support and are to celebrate the app’s 17th birthday – which they did by giving it a “small makeover”, according to the YouTube blog.

The blog explains along with picture-in-picture and ambient mode there is a new version of the dark mode theme which has been updated to be even darker so the “colours truly pop on your screen”. Videos can be zoomed in and out and instead of guessing the moment in the video you want precise seeking makes it easier to pick out a moment to watch specifically.

All the new features on YouTube are available to users across Android, iOS, and the web.

Explaining Ambient Mode in YouTube

The ambient mode in YouTube enables the background colour of the app changes subtly to match the video the user is watching.

YouTube blog explained: ‘We were inspired by the light that screens cast out in a darkened room and wanted to recreate the effect so viewers were drawn right into the content and the video takes an even greater focus on our watch page.’

The one catch is the ambient mode only works when dark mode is enabled for the YouTube app – so switch over to that to feel the full effects.

How to enable ambient mode?

As it only works in dark mode that’s your first step if you haven’t already changed it:

  • Click on your profile picture
  • Select ‘Appearances’
  • Select ‘Dark Mode’
  • Then once dark mode is enabled ambient mode is automatically on

So, the ambient mode might not be for you, but you love dark mode?

  • Go to settings
  • Select the option ‘ambient mode’
  • Then simply click the button to switch it off for all videos

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