What Is Bama Rush And Why Is It All Over TikTok?
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What Is Bama Rush And Why Is It All Over TikTok?

Caitlin Hart August 4, 2022

Is your For You page filled with girls dancing to the American Dad theme tune? You might just be on Bama Rush TikTok.

What is Bama Rush?

Bama Rush refers to The University of Alabama’s rush week. Rush week is a week of activities where pledges (or prospective sorority members) go to social events at sororities, see the houses and meet the sorority sisters. There is usually a different dress code for each event, which is what you have most likely seen on TikTok.

Why so much content?

It seems as though every sorority are posting their rush week. From ‘What’s in my rush week bag’ to videos of their themed events, TikTok is full of Bama Rush content. Why is this?

Sororities are battling for the best prospective members, the ones that will look and fit in best with their houses. Each society is trying to look the best and most fun to attract as many pledges as possible.

Why is it on UK TikTok?

Taking a look at Bama Rush Tok, you will notice that most people in the comments aren’t American. For anybody outside of the U.S, Rush Tok is their first view of Greek life. Of course we have all seen sorority houses full of slim, blonde, giggly girls depicted in films and TV, but many from outside the U.S have questioned whether this is reality.

From what we have seen of the Rush content so far, it seems to be pretty accurate.

The Controversy

Alongside the fun dancing and dress up videos, you might see some more serious videos under Bama Rush Tok.

From seeing the content, a lot of TikTok users have raised issues with the lack of sorority diversity. Many users have mentioned a lack of plus sized girls or people of colour in the rush TikToks. American sororities and fraternities come under fire almost every year for these type of issues and are often referred to as very exclusive clubs.

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