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What Is Ghost Blinking As It Trends On TikTok?

Zoe Kramer December 7, 2022

You might have heard the phrase ‘ghost blinking’ circulating the Internet but didn’t know what it meant. If you’re confused by this phrase, you’re certainly not the only one. It can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s popular on TikTok, since trends have a very rapid turnover rate. But not to worry, we’ve got it covered. Here’s what ghost blinking is, why it’s been trending, and how you can try it for yourself.

Ghost Blinking Meaning

Ghost blinking sounds like something spooky and paranormal, but actually it doesn’t have anything to do with ghosts. The term comes from fans of the new Netflix series Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams, known for her deadpan personality as well as her family’s interest in the macabre, is played by Jenna Ortega in this latest adaptation. She has the ability to stare seemingly endlessly without blinking, and many people on TikTok wanted to try to capture this ability for themselves.

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Ghost blinking is a strategy for keeping your eyes open for extended periods of time. It’s a great tool to have if you ever find yourself in a staring contest or if you simply want to do your own Wednesday impression. So if you want to try it for yourself, or if you’re just curious how it works, here’s how you can ghost blink.

How To Do Ghost Blinking

If you try to stare for a long period of time without blinking, your eyes will begin to experience a king of itching, burning sensation as they start to dry out. This sensation is your body’s way of telling you that you need to blink in order to provide moisture for your eyeballs. Ghost blinking is a way you can avoid this.

To ghost blink, you begin by staring. Once your eyes begin to feel dry, you simply imagine yourself blinking without actually doing it. It sounds pretty simple, but it takes some practice. Once you’ve mastered it, you might find that you can stare for much longer than you could before without needing to blink.

It’s possible that doing this tricks your brain into thinking that you’ve blinked. However, it’s also possible that when you ghost blink you narrow or squint your eyes slightly, which provides part of the same effect that a normal blink would give you.

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