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What Is Positive Media Day?

Today – 22 June – is Positive Media Day. Everyone deserves positivity within their lives and this is the main aim of today.

Positive media day was founded in 2018 by Gregg Neff. The aim is to remove the overwhelmingly negative news stories shared on a daily basis.  These negative stories overshadow the positive ones that are not receiving space, or get very little coverage. The day aims to place these happy stories front and centre, with the aim of cheering people up. In short, news doesn’t always have to make people miserable.

The aim of making all news and media outlets a place of inspiration, positivity, and joy for one day is a noble endeavour. Founder Neff argues that there is far too much hatred, fear, and vitriol that goes on every day. If this negativity continues, people will believe this is how our world is and always will be. Positive Media Day serves to prove that the world is not all depressing and gloomy.

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Seeing happy news within the media will lift people’s moods and provide a better day for all. There are certainly positive stories to be shared. We just have to search for them. If you have a positive story, share it today!

How can you get involved in Positive Media Day?

Post your positive news on your social media channels today! Ensure that you use the hashtag #PostPositive, so more people can see your happiness and share in it with you.  Absolutely everyone can be involved in Positive Media Day.

If you are an individual, you can take positive action, help others and spread the word.  Aim to share at least one positive story on your social media channels today. Media companies can aim to prioritize positivity in your stories and keep commentary productive and positive.

I have played my part in by creating this article, which will result in more people learning about the initiative.  It doesn’t take much time to participate at all.

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