What Is The Spirit of Sussex Award And How To Take Advantage Of It?
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What Is The Spirit of Sussex Award And How To Take Advantage Of It?

Becky Milligan July 21, 2022

The Spirit of Sussex Award is an award you can receive if you’re a student at the University of Sussex and here’s how to take advantage of it.

You receive the award at graduation as a separate award to your degree. It is a way to celebrate your accomplishments and participation in activities outside of your uni course.

What is the Spirit of Sussex Award?

It works through a bronze, silver and gold award system based on how many activities you log.

You receive a bronze award for logging 25 points, a silver award for logging 50 points and a gold award for 75 or more points. Attending and participating in events gives you five points, organising and supporting gives ten points and organising and leading and representing gives fifteen points.

The deadline to complete logging your activities is usually in April of your last year at uni. You must submit evidence for each individual activity you log before the deadline for them to count towards your award. This is to allow for verifying your logs are genuine and correct!

What activities to log for the Spirit of Sussex Award?

There are several different categories that you can log activities for, both within and outside of the uni. Some of the categories include:

  • uni society membership
  • work experience
  • volunteering and fundraising
  • sports and recreation
  • creativity and culture
  • train and development

Why should I take advantage of the award?

This award is a good way to show that you have taken part in extracurricular activities during your time at uni. It shows employers that you have interests outside of your subject. This will make you come across as a well-rounded job or further education candidate overall. It also shows that you were an involved student in your uni life, and you made the most of your time there!

The Uni of Sussex also holds meet-ups for students that complete any stage of the Spirit of Sussex Award, including pizza nights, and other celebrations at the end of exams! This gives you the opportunity to meet other Spirit of Sussex Awardees, and meet members of staff who endorse it.

The takeaway message

If you’re a student at the University of Sussex, you should definitely take advantage of the Spirit of Sussex Award.

It gives you the opportunity to develop your professional and personal skills, and get rewarded for it! It’s simple to log your activities, as the website is very user-friendly. So, if you’re already participating in activities outside of your course, what have you got to lose?

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