What It's Like Starting A Masters After Two Years Out Of University

What It's Like Starting A Masters After Two Years Out Of University

Charis Gambon February 13, 2022

In 2021 I came back to university to study for my masters degree having completed my bachelors degree in 2019.   

I feel that having that two-year gap allowed me to mature and grow as a person.  Spending time out of the academic world has enabled me to experience the real world, furthering my development as an individual.  I have been able to enter several workplaces during that time, gaining experience across several industries. I also had the chance to meet some of the most supportive individuals, who have helped me to grow as a person and to take chances.

The two years between my BA and my MA is a relatively short time in terms of a study break. This has meant that I have been able to get back into the flow of university relatively easily. I haven’t struggled anymore than I would have if I pursued my masters straight after my bachelors. In fact, I feel that the opposite has occurred, taking a break from studies meant that I did not feel academically burnt out.

A vital break

Taking a two year break was the best thing I could possibly have done as it allowed me to return to studying with fresh energy and enthusiasm.   Having that separation between my undergraduate studies and starting my masters studies allowed me an opportunity to ensure that the course I was considering really was what I truly wanted.  When I applied to study MA History of Warfare, I was entirely sure it was what I wanted.  Having that degree of separation meant that I could think through my options and two years later I was still certain that what I wanted was to study MA History of Warfare.

I now posses a much more mature approach to my studies and take studying significantly more seriously than I ever did while studying for my bachelors degree.  I attribute the more focused approach to the fact that I am older and because I am at a more serious stage in my life.

I am absolutely loving my course and everything about studying a masters degree and I do believe that part of that appreciation is down to the fact that I waited and did not jump straight into a masters.  

I was incredibly worried that I would not be able to keep up with the work and that I would find writing essays difficult as it was a skill I was out of practice with.  Fortunately for me none of my fears became true and I feel that I am actually doing well. I would thoroughly encourage anyone who is considering taking a few years out after their bachelors before studying their masters to do so.  You will return to studying with a new outlook and will be so enthusiastic to study. Taking the time out was the best decision I have ever made.

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