What's All The Fuss With University Balls And Award Ceremonies?
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What's All The Fuss With University Balls And Award Ceremonies?

Alex Fletcher June 28, 2022

The image of students walking through the streets in their most formal attire has become something everyone now associates with university. Whether it be a small gathering of a society, or a large gathering filled with hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals, university balls and award ceremonies are a key part of the end of an academic year. So why is it that so many of us enjoy this kind of event? Why are the Instagram accounts of nearly everybody attending university in May and June filled with countless photos of impressive ball gowns and equally impressive suits?

For myself, I’ve always enjoyed attending these kinds of gatherings. There are several reasons why this is the case and I’m sure I am not alone in feeling this.

Sartorial elegance

Firstly, the dressing up. There aren’t many opportunities at university to wear your smartest attire. The world of work provides many an opportunity to dress to impress. But universities, not so much.

It’s an amazing feeling when you see so many of your close friends and acquaintances happy and confident in their dress, along with the fact that they are bound to put their own individual spin on their outfits. The whole experience feels so incredibly wholesome and rewarding after a hardworking year. 

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Stunning venues

Secondly, the venue and event. For most students, where they socialise is all dependent on budget. The wealth they hope to accumulate in later life is simply not there and, as a result, a certain degree of frugality is appropriate. The venues and nature of the event at balls, however, allow us to break free from these shackles and sample just a little bit of luxury. While it may not be something that lasts long, attendees have the opportunity to savour that moment and enjoy a wonderful event. 


Thirdly, the party. It would be wrong for students to eat, drink, socialise and get dressed up in their best attire if they then weren’t allowed to party afterwards. Once the alcohol kicks in, and the sun begins to set, it truly is time to get on the dance floor. With these events generally being tailored to groups of friends, it won’t take long for them all to enjoy the frivolity of it all. Furthermore, the added celebration of another year of university being completed means that there is simply no reason not to party hard. 

I will admit, balls and events are not for everyone. I can fully understand why not everyone would be interested and would much prefer something else. However, if you’re a fan of dressing up smart, enjoying a fancy venue, and celebrating a great year of work with all of your friends, then be sure to book your ticket! 

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