What To Remember When Moving To A House From Uni Accommodation
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What To Remember When Moving To A House From Uni Accommodation

Cicely McFarlane April 29, 2022

It can be tricky when you are moving to a house from uni accommodation but we have you covered with our helpful hints and tips below.

Don’t Rush into Deciding your Housemates

People will try to decide their next year house almost immediately when starting term. But try to hold out to see how you get on with people a few months in.

Some people may be a different vibe to what you expect, and some may take time to come out of their shell – but then become your closest friends.

The urge to sort next year’s plans can be a hard one to resist. However seeing, as time goes on, who you want to live with for another year will really help your future self.

Location is Key

Deciding on where to live in relation to the bars, restaurants, clubs, and of course the Uni buildings is of vital importance.

The student areas are where most people move to after a year of provided university accommodation. This is a really exciting time as you gain more independence as you live in your first house.

The student areas tend to have all amenities near. Such as shops, coffee places and pubs for you to enjoy. So make sure to choose a location where you will be able to enjoy your social day to day, whilst also being close enough to attend your lectures on campus.

Kitchen and Living Space:

Some advice from a 4th year student such as myself, would be to have a house that has a merged kitchen and front room.

This means that whilst cooking you are still able to be social with your house and are not too separated. This will provide a great social area for your evenings.

Also ensure your property has a kitchen table, this will be needed to have group house meals, study time, and even for games such as beer pong.

If your house does not come with one, then marketplace has really cheap options. This will once again ensure your house is more social and not as separated if you do not wish it to be.

We hope this list helps you when it comes to moving to a house from uni accommodation. Why not let us know your experiences of the change by commenting below?

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