What UK Universities Characters In Netflix's 'Elite' Would Go To

What UK Universities Characters In Netflix's 'Elite' Would Go To

Kitty Grant April 10, 2022

The fifth season of Netflix Spanish High School thriller Elite has just dropped, and while the show may be more concerned with this season’s murder-mystery, the only mystery I care about is where the characters would go to university.

Just to make sure this High School where there’s about one murder per term and everyone is unbelievably attractive feels grounded and realistic, the writers do throw in references to university applications every so often.

But that isn’t enough for me, so here’s where I think they would go to university (if they stopped shagging in the showers for long enough to fill out their UCAS forms). Oh, and don’t worry, this article doesn’t contain any spoilers for season five.


There have already been a few references to Samuel’s future aspirations as a lawyer. With his debating experience and hardworking attitude, I think Samuel would go to LSE, and he has a bright future ahead of him.


Ari is used to be the favourite child, and I think her dad Benjamín, would support her wherever she wanted to go. I can picture Ari studying an artsy subject at a Russel Group university, perhaps History of Art at Exeter.


Omar wants to get an education, but not if it gets in the way of a good time. Through his time helping his dad’s shop, to his managerial role at the Lake Club (and even his sketchier early endeavors) Omar has shown his skills in business. That’s why I think he would study Business at Leeds.


Though perhaps not quite as wild as some of her classmates, Rebe does love a good party. I can see her fitting in well studying Geography at Liverpool, and she’d probably pick up some niche yet cool sport while there too.


A new character this season, Isadora is a massive party girl whose family basically owns Ibiza. I don’t think she really cares about her course, as long as she can keep up her wild lifestyle. That’s why I think she would go to Bristol, and she would probably pick a random course that gives a lot of options, I’m thinking Psychology or History.


Caye should already be studying fashion at Central Saint Martins, but the fact she couldn’t go to university has kept her in the show, so I guess that’s good.


As one of the smartest characters in the show, Mencía would probably get in to Oxford, but only after researching which colleges are the best for partying. I think she would want to study English, but end up going for PPE to impress her dad instead.


Given his royal birth and creative flare, I can see Phillipe following in Prince William’s footsteps and studying Art History at Saint Andrews, who knows, maybe he’ll even meet his Kate Middleton.


I think Patrick would be drawn to the amazing gay nightlife in Manchester, so would go to Manchester Met to study Drama.


Even though he doesn’t really play much sport in the show, given Iván’s dad is basically the Ronaldo of Elite, he’s probably pretty good. That’s why Iván would fit right in at Loughborough, probably studying something like Biology.

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