When Was Peter Kay Last Seen As He Prepares For Comeback Tour?
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When Was Peter Kay Last Seen On Stage As He Prepares For Comeback Tour?

Cicely McFarlane November 10, 2022

Peter Kay is a much-loved family favourite and household name. However, he’s been off the scene for quite a while. So where has Peter Kay been as news breaks about his upcoming tour?

Kay was most recently on our screens in 2020 and last toured 12 years ago. He is now switching television for another tour and people are more excited than ever.

When was he last seen on stage

In August 2021, Kay took to the stage for two sold-out charity shows, where he was publicly seen for the first time in quite a while. The tour was announced during the first episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here during the break, which ensured that many people were watching for this announcement.

Peter Kay also stated that he will keep tickets down to a minimum price of £35. He highlights that this is due to the cost-of-living crisis so he wants to keep his prices as they were in 2010. That is an admirable move and shows that the comedian is truly a man of the people.

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Due to his huge acting and comedic career, as well as his mini sketches and dedication to stand-up comedy, his net worth has now been estimated at around £50 million.

Kay’s new tour will start on 2 December this year and end on 11 August 2023. If you are an avid fan and supporter of Peter Kay, then make sure to get your tickets immediately as they are already selling out extremely quickly.

Why did Peter Kay leave our screens?

It was rumoured that Kay left the limelight due to health scares. However, after his five-year absence it has been confirmed that this was in fact for family reasons.

Due to family reasons and circumstances that were out of his control, his previous tour was cancelled in 2017.

The good news, and what many fans are rejoicing about on Twitter, is that Peter Kay is back! This standup is a true legend and, for those who wish to see him, grab your wallets and head to Ticketmaster immediately.

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