Where Students Can Find Cheap West End Tickets
West End Theatre In London
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Where Students Can Find Cheap West End Tickets

Manon Lamy March 19, 2023

London’s West End is so exciting. There are so many shows to get tickets for. From the classics like Les Miserables to modern musicals like & Juliet, there is something for everyone. While this is great, if you are a musicals fan and want to see one every time you are in London, then it might get a bit pricey.

Indeed, while you can get £30-£40 theatre tickets and consider it reasonable, prices can be much higher. Indeed, some musicals have seats that go up to £150-£200.

However, there are ways to not pay these significant amounts. After all most of us, students especially but not only, don’t want to pay that much or simply can’t.

Matinee and weeknight performances

Matinee performances are a great way to score cheap seats. This is because they are less popular times to go to a show. This is great if you are flexible with your times and don’t mind spending a few hours of the day inside the theatre.

As with everything, weeknight performances are cheaper. Everything is much more expensive during weekends. If you are in London during the week, it might be worth it to go to a show and not wait for a Saturday.

Win the ticket lottery

Winning the ticket lottery is a great way to score cheap West End tickets. However, it’s a bit like the actual lottery. It’s kind of hard to actually win. But you might as well give it a try. You will have to be flexible with dates and times though.

Hamilton, Book of Mormon and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are a few of London’s West End shows that run a ticket lottery. For Hamilton, enter the lottery through the app or on the website. Check for other shows to find out how to enter their lotteries.

Good luck!

Booking early

Booking a West End show is like booking a flight. The earlier you book, the cheaper you can get the tickets. And when you book early, you can have a pick of seats and find the best in the house.

For example, for Mamma Mia, if you book more than four months in advance you can save up to £20 on tickets.

The Shakespeare Globe

If you want to try out some Shakespeare at the Globe theatre, then buying the £5 standing ticket at the Shakespeare Globe is the best way to go. They offer over 700 standing seats. It is a great to get up close and watch the action unfold right in front of your eyes.

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TodayTix should be on every musical fan’s watchlist. They are the best way of finding cheap tickets. Through TodayTix you can find last-minute tickets for many shows, the night before or up to a month in advance. In short, they are great.

You can get Wicked tickets from just £25. However, check where the seats are and that your view will not be obstructed.

Line up for standby tickets and returns

If spontaneity is your thing, going to a show’s box office and lining up for standby tickets and returns is a great way to find last minute, cheap options. However, you should be prepared to run to your other options.

Go to less famous shows

Shows like Wicked, Hamilton and Les Miserables are likely to have higher price tags. This is because they are famous and highly in demand. However, you should try going to watch some smaller, less famous musicals. Even if it’s not your first choice, you can still find some gems. The best modern musicals to watch could go on to become legends in their own right.

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