Which Love Is Blind Man Is Your Perfect Match?
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Which Love Is Blind Man Is Your Perfect Match?

Cicely McFarlane November 11, 2022

Love is Blind is one of the most talked about series on Netflix today but which man is your perfect match? The show is about testing if you can fall in love with someone and find the love of your life without actually seeing them.

This all occurs in ‘the pods’, when people are allowed state to see if they form a connection without seeing each other. The series follows the couple as they meet and plan a wedding within a month.

Netflix is releasing the final part of the show, which includes the weddings, on 12 November. We have already seen one couple say no to each other at the altar.

This part is always a nail-biting stage of this show, as many people want the drama if someone said no. However, you also see the moral motions of people’s hearts online.

In this series, five couples committed to planning a wedding together and getting engaged. The five men who got down on one knee without seeing their fiancées all have extremely different personalities. Below is a little bit about these five guys. Have a read and see which of the men would be your perfect match.


Bartise is a 27-year-old senior analyst and he’s definitely been a dominant cast member throughout this season. In the pods he formed a connection with both Nancy and Raven.

He then went on to choose Nancy as his future wife. Yet meeting in person and spending time together did not come without its trials and tribulations.

This included him openly telling his fiancé Nancy that he thought Raven was extremely attractive and more like someone he would go for in the normal world.

Bartise is extremely sure of himself, which can come across as quite brash and rude. However, if confidence is something that you are looking for in a man, there is no question that Bartise has that quality.  

This quality of confidence can come across as quite arrogant, as he continuously states how good-looking he is and how people are drawn to his physique. However, he does seem dedicated to finding and providing for his future family as soon as possible.


Brennon is a 30-year-old water engineer who found his fiancée Alexa almost immediately. Since then, his head has not been turned, and he has voiced how extremely committed he is to this potential marriage-to-be.

He is a very respectful character. He demonstrated his commitment to his future wife by potentially changing his religion to Judaism and treating Alexa’s family with a huge amount of respect.

A gentleman is what you would describe this man as. If manners are something that you hold very high on your list, then Brennon would definitely be the match for you.

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Matt is a 28-year-old private charter sales executive who got engaged to Colleen during this experiment. He is definitely a character of the group, and very definitive with his decision to get engaged.

However, a short temper is something that Matt definitely has, as he is easily ready to bolt out of this experiment and run away from commitment; as he admittedly has previously done before.

That said, I think you can see he is extremely genuine, down to earth, and fearful of getting hurt. I think his relationship with Colleen definitely has the most to lose.

Sikiru AKA SK

SK is a 34-year-old data engineer who fell in love with Raven during this experiment. As their wedding is the only one that has been viewed so far, this means the public are now aware that he said no to Raven at the altar.

SK is extremely proud and committed of his Nigerian culture and, if you are someone who goes for a man with a moral compass, an important sense of family, and intelligence, then SK would be your man of choice throughout this experiment.

SK seems very calm and respectful, and definitely one of the most laidback grooms the show has seen. So, if you are someone who is attracted to a calmer energy and environment, your match will definitely be SK.


Cole is a 27-year-old realtor and the youngest groom in the experiment. His age is definitely something that comes into question and can be a big tell through his attitude and responses to his soon-to-be wife Zanab.

Cole is definitely someone who was hung up on looks during the initial phase of this experiment, as he felt it was appropriate to state how two of the other fiancés were better looking than his own.

He definitely has immaturity problems. However, if being the class clown and always having a laugh is something that is high on your priorities, he would be the match for you.

He does seem to be a very caring person and always tries to defuse tension with a joke or a laugh.

We hope that, if you’ve been wondering which Love Is Blind man is your perfect match, that this has gone some way to answering that question.

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