Who Has The Most Instagram Followers?
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Who Has The Most Instagram Followers?

Jasmyne Jeffery November 16, 2022

Ever since its creation in 2010 users have been fighting to get their followers up. Some have been incredibly popular and have hundreds of millions of them. But who has the most Instagram followers?

It’s hard to imagine that over an eighth of the population is on Instagram, and that over a quarter of them follow the most followed person. Nowadays, it’s filled with brand deals and advertisements but that doesn’t take away its ability to connect us all. And it turns out millions of us what to keep connected and up to date with the same people. Here are the top 5 followed people on Instagram.

5 People With The Most Instagram Followers

Instagram itself is the most followed account, but they’re a brand so they don’t quite count. We’re here to talk about the celebrities that have captivated our attention the most.

5 – Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Coming in fifth place is actor and ex-wrestler, Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne is the most followed actor on Instagram and loves to share about filming, family life and his antics at the gym.

With an impressive 347 million, the second-most-paid actor in the world has a lifestyle that we all want to keep up with. Though seeing those gym shots, we’re not sure anyone could actually keep up with The Rock. Dwayne posts almost every day and is obviously a keen user of Instagram.

4 – Selena Gomez

Once the Queen of Instagram, breaks from the app and other things have to Selena Gomez slipping from first to fourth place. The singer is still the most followed musician on the app and often shares snippets from her hectic life.

Lately, Selena has been sharing details about her documentary My Mind & Me with her 356 million followers. On Apple TV+, the film documents a troubling battle between the limelight and darkness.

3 – Kylie Jenner

It isn’t surprising to anyone that Kylie Jenner makes this list. Not only is she the most followed Kardashian/Jenner, but she is the most followed woman on the planet. With over 7000 posts, it’s fair to say that the businesswoman is a regular poster on the app. Sharing stunning selfies of her glamorous life, Kylie has earned her 372 million followers.

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The 25-year-old is a social media powerhouse. Even if you aren’t a Kardashian lover, you can’t help but be obsessed with her life.

2 – Lionel Messi

Just beating out Kylie is legendary football, Lionel Messi. Lionel has 373 million followers but has less than 1000 posts. It seems that posting more doesn’t necessarily mean more followers. Primarily, the footballer posts about his biggest passion which, unsurprisingly, is football.

Although he and Kylie Jenner seem to be quite different people, a huge Instagram following is something that they both share.

Who Has The Most Instagram Followers?

And now we’re at number 1 — who is the most followed person on Instagram? Any guesses, or do you follow them yourselves…

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo

It seems that football legends are really pulling it out of the bag on social media. You know you’re famous when you don’t even have to include your last name for people to know who you are. Manchester United and global football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on Instagram.

Cristiano isn’t just the most followed person ever on Instagram but beats his competitors by a long mile, which sounds about right. An enormous 496 million people follow him on the social media platform, which is just an unfathomable amount. In fact, it’s 126 million more than Lionel Messi.

Typically, the footballer shares snaps of football and his family. It’s also not surprising that he has quite a few branded posts too — let’s face it, no one has a reach quite like he does.

496 million seems like a number that couldn’t ever be broken — but it’s definitely not impossible. 1.3 billion use Instagram and there’s no one that’s uniting us all yet. Maybe there never will, but there is still room for someone else to tackle Cristiano Ronaldo out of first place.

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