Who Is Eligible For The University Of Manchester Cost Of Living Payment?
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Who Is Eligible For The University Of Manchester Cost Of Living Payment?

Jasmyne Jeffery March 7, 2023

The University of Manchester has announced a second wave of cost of living payments for its students. 10,000 students will receive the money, with the eligibility criteria released this morning.

Manchester University has revealed that 10,000 of its students will benefit from a second wave of cost of living payments. It’s not news that students have struggled during the crisis, with their studies often compromised. Though there have been complaints that the government has not done enough to support them, universities have offered payments, jobs and food banks to help students.

The University of Manchester Supports Students

Today, it was announced that 10,000 students would be eligible for a second cost of living payment from the university.

Funding for this was announced back in November, however details of the payment have only just been released. Manchester University now boasts that this is the “most extensive cost of living package” any UK university offers.

Eligible full-time students will receive a one-off payment of £230. Those who are part-time will receive £115.

The University of Manchester is also standing up for its students in other ways. Agreeing that the 2.8 per cent increase in maintenance loans isn’t enough, they are working with other UK universities to encourage a review. They are also pushing for affordable rent for student accommodation in Manchester. The university has said they won’t be advocating any accommodation unless it is good value for money.

Those who are eligible for the second cost of living payment will receive an email on Wednesday, March 8.

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Who Is Eligible For Manchester Uni Cost Of Living Payment?

Here is the list of students that are eligible for the second cost of living payment from Manchester University:

Firstly, contextual offers students are entitled. This will be if you came from a disadvantaged area, you have refugee status, you have been in care for more than three months or your school has repeatedly underperformed.

Students with dependants or estranged from their parents/family and more will most likely be eligible.

If you are a student seeking asylum in the UK then the second cost of living payment should apply to you.

Lastly, if you were a recipient of a bursary or scholarship when applying/studying at Manchester University. You can look at the whole left for applicable funding here.

The university reassures that there should be fewer problems issuing the payment as it is going through its own financial system. If you believe you are eligible and do not receive an email tomorrow, then you can email the university. Likewise, if you received an eligibility email but did not get the funding then contact the same email.

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