Why Emily In Paris makes us want to study abroad
Netflix's Emily In Paris Season 2 LA Special Screening
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Why Emily in Paris makes us want to study abroad

Kate Reilly James February 11, 2022

Bonsoir, enchanté! Netflix series Emily in Paris dropped into our TV listings back in October 2020. Right when we needed it most. In the midst of the second official UK lockdown, having binged ‘Tiger King’, considered putting on a festival post ‘Fyre’ and stalked Ebay for chess sets thanks to The Queen’s Gambit – there came a light-hearted, Sex and the City-esque, fashion-filled, gossipy, dream location series where, thankfully, the acting didn’t really matter!

Here’s the crux for those who haven’t seen it: Emily (Lily Collins) swaps Chicago for Paris to further her career as a PR intern. She is instantly disliked by her (amazing) new boss, Sylvie (played expertly by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) as she doesn’t speak French and she’s annoyingly well, American. 

Despite being panned from episode one, the series is highly addictive. As season 2 premiered in December 2022 we’re finding ourselves daydreaming about the food, fashion and fitties, more than we should. Here is why we’re considering a year ‘in Paris’.

Everyone is SO attractive

Seriously, what is it about French genes? We’re not just talking Emily in Paris actors, Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie) and Samuel Arnold (Julien), have you checked out the extras? It’s official, everyone in France is beautiful. 

Fashion Anon

It’s highly unlikely we’d be able to afford the services of Emily in Paris costume designer, Marilyn Fitouss. Plus EasyJet isn’t as forgiving with the luggage allowance! However, you have to admit, there is something truly enticing about strutting out of your fashion comfort zone in an unfamiliar city. Ball gown for brunch? 

The French Touch

A common theme throughout the series is the French way of business. Laid back, stylish and always well presented. We can all learn something from the indomitable Sylvie who is difficult to impress, has wine with everything and treats Emily and co with pastries when she’s ‘gotten lucky’. The devil wears Chanel!

Bragging Rights

Everything about Paris is A-rated Instagram fodder. The metro signs, the boulevards, the public art and, of course, the iconic landmarks. Think of the content you’ll be harvesting for ultimate bragging rights just by waiting tables in a chic cafe or window dressing for an up-and-coming designer. Start working on that CV, tout de suite!

Let Them Eat Everything

Speaking of waiting tables, french cuisine has had a bad rap over the years. But it’s not all frog’s legs and escargot. Emily’s main love interest (we say ‘main’ because if you know, you know) is Gabriel, a smoking hot chef who is starting  out with his first restaurant dishes up experimental dishes that make us want to go exploring off the beaten track. 

Mindy in Paris

Mindy (Ashley Park) plays Emily’s best friend and flatmate and in our humble opinion, deserves a season of her own. Emily has no idea how lucky she is to have the multi-talented, impeccably stylish Mindy to hang out with. If we’re going to Paris, we’re getting ourselves a Mindy. 

If a year in the French capital, a la Emily, is looking highly unlikely, fear not! Seasons 3 and 4 of Emily in Paris have just been commissioned and will be hitting our screens soon.

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