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Why I Won't Be Moving Home After University

Moving away was the scariest thing I’ve done – but after being away for three years, I know I won’t be moving home after university.

I love where I’m from. My home town is in the countryside, but not far from the sea. There’s a river running through the middle and independent coffee shops dotted all over the place. It sounds idyllic, and it is. I always look forward to going back to visit, to hearing the sea and noticing just how quiet it is. But after moving to a city, I know I can’t go back permanently.

I moved to Cardiff three years ago. The thought of moving from a slow town to a capital city was so daunting but so exciting. Not only the idea of independence, of living with my boyfriend, and doing what I want, when I want (ish).

Moving to the city

It didn’t take long to realise that the city is a place of opportunity.

I wouldn’t have been able to get the full university experience at home. I had a choice of part-time jobs to apply for to support my studies. Now I’m about to graduate, the job of my dreams is easier to reach here than in that old slow town.

I love living in the city now. Everything is on my doorstep – literally. From my window, I can see half a dozen restaurants and takeaways. Below is a smoothie/bar/plant shop. If I walk ten minutes, there’s a massive park with a lake in the middle and an ice cream van selling Mr Whippy.

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Don’t get me wrong, moving back home after university would save me some money and I would be closer to the family I love. But I’m a firm believer that, if you’re in a position to, your 20s are for taking risks. They’re for trying new things and for living in different places. If, later on in life, I decide to move back, then I will. But for the foreseeable, I’m here to stay.

Here, I’m less than an hour away from the country and the sea, but I can get a Mcdonald’s delivered at 3 am if I really wanted – it really is the best of both worlds. I’ve got a life here now, friends and colleagues. I know the quickest route to my local milkshake shop, I know what buses go where and when. I have a life here now, and that’s not something I want to give up, not right now

If, later on in life, I decide to move back, then I will. But for the foreseeable, I’m here to stay.

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Hello! My name is Jasmyne and I’m a soon-to-be graduate of English and Creative Writing at the University of South Wales. Originally from North Devon, I now love living in Cardiff. I’m really into my movement; an advocate for joyful movement. I spend my free time either reading, at the Wales Millennium Centre, or running around the city.