Why Is A Politics Degree Useful?
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Why Is A Politics Degree Useful?

Manon Lamy December 17, 2022

Picking a degree can be incredibly tough, but there are plenty of reasons why a politics degree is useful.

If you are a year 13 then there are chances that you have already written your personal statement. Chances are that, by now, you have narrowed it down to five universities, with mostly similar degrees. Good job! However, there are those who are a little stuck on what they want to study, or those who want to get a head start for next year.

Choosing a degree isn’t an easy choice. It’s what you are going to be studying for the next three or four years. It needs to be interesting enough to keep you going. And if you have no idea what you want to do after uni then the choice is just as difficult.

If you know you don’t want to be a doctor or an engineer then the choice becomes a bit more tricky. If you are hesitating on what its going to be, and you’re interested in the subject, here are some reasons why politics is a useful degree.

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Transferable skills

Studying a politics degree bring you a large number of transferable skills that will look good on a CV. These are skills that will look good to any future employers.

In a politics degree there is a lot of reading and writing. But what this teaches you is how to be critical about what you are reading. And this you can apply in many other areas of life. Critical analysis is a key skill that will take you far.

Furthermore, studying a politics degree is bound to bring out some discussions between classmates. Not everyone has the same beliefs especially when it comes to politics. Therefore the discussion skills you will learn will be invaluable for your future employer. They know you can have an open discussion where you won’t loose your cool.

Another skill which looks great on a CV are your presentation skills. You will find yourself having to conduct presentations during your time at universities and these will be skills that any employer will find useful.

And if your goal is to stay in education as long as possible then a politics degree is just what you need because it gives you all the basic skills that you will need in further education.

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Broad degree

Like many you might not know what you want to do after university. There are so many options and so many careers. That is very understandable and many go to university not really knowing what is coming after. And thats ok.

With a politics degree there are so many doors opening to you. A politics degree can take you into further education with the skills you learnt. You can also go into Law. When you apply to university you might not know that law is the career you want until you get there. The good thing is you can do a one year Graduate Diploma in Law or a Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam. Either one of these will put you on the same footing as someone who holds a Bachelor in Law.

One of the obvious careers after a politics degree, is becoming a politician. And that is an excellent career to go into. Politics is important in our every day lives. But you can also go into lobbying, journalism and much more.

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Politics is a part of our everyday lives

Whether we like it or not politics is part of your every day life. Especially with the price of energy it is a good idea to keep updated of what goes on in Westminster, in Europe and in America. What our elected officials decide goes. Therefore we need to keep on top of global issues and affairs.

With a politics degree you will be encouraged to find out what is happening around the world. And with the analytical skills you have been practising you can really analyse what is going on in politics.

Responsibilities as a citizen

In the same idea as the same one politics is very important in our every day lives. Whoever you are, man, woman, non-binary, there are good chances that someone fought for you to have voting rights and therefore a say in what happens in government.

Choosing to do a politics degree mean that you can honour their demands and achieve your duties as a citizen. Voting and taking part in democracy is crucial. Many people take that for granted. However there are many who live in oppressive regimes and do not have the same chance as you to exercise those rights.

By doing a degree in politics you will be to achieve you duties as a citizen (of any country) better and more effectively.

There are so many reasons why doing a politics degree is useful. So, whatever you choose, we hope we’ve made your decision at least a little bit easier.

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