Why Is Tory Sewage Party Trending on Twitter?
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Why Is Tory Sewage Party Trending on Twitter?

Caitlin Hart August 25, 2022

You may have seen #TorySewageParty trending on Twitter in the last few days, but what does it mean? Twitter users have accused MPs of voting against preventing companies from dumping sewage into UK seas and rivers.

The hashtag relates to a vote on amendments to the Environment Bill that took place in October 2021. The House of Lords proposed an amendment to the Environment Bill that would have placed a legal duty on companies to reduce the discharge of sewage into British rivers and seas. The amendment would have forced water companies and the government to demonstrate progressive reductions in discharges of untreated sewage.

265 Conservative MPs voted against the amendment, stating that measures are already in place and that the amendment would cost billions. Just 22 MPs voted against their party and in favour of the amendment.

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The vote recieved a huge amount of backlash from environmental groups and the public. The issue has resurfaced this week, as the heavy rain seen in the past few days has caused sewer valves to discharge into rivers and seas.

Twitter users are using #TorySewageParty to expose their local MPs for voting against the amendment and not restricting the amount of sewage that can leak into rivers and seas.

One user wrote: “This is Steve Brine, Conservative MP for Winchester. He voted to allow water companies to dump sewage in our rivers and seas. The beautiful Itchen chalk stream runs through his constituency, which failed it’s most recent water quality assessment. Nice one Steve!”

Another wrote: “Conservative MP for the Forest of Dean @Mark_J_Harper voted to allow sewage to be discharged into our water. Remember this next time you have to tell your kids it’s not safe to go into the water. More importantly remember this next time you vote.”

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