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Why Planning And Booking Your Summer Now Is The Best Thing To Do

Cicely McFarlane October 7, 2022

As winter starts to get underway, distracting yourself from the cold evenings can be easily done by planning.

Although planning a summer holidays may seem way in advance, and of course you don’t want to wish your year away too quickly, it can also be an effective redirection tactic to keep yourself positive during the winter season.

Having something to look forward to is a great way to remind yourself on those slightly darker/colder days, that soon the world will be back to sunny evenings and barbecues.

Why Plan Now?

A huge positive about planning your summer holiday now,  whether it be with your family or your friends, includes the prices that you can get at this time.

Summer holidays are extremely expensive and are of course dependent on what you want to do and where you want to go.

However, by planning and booking flights/ hotels during this winter season you will be able to get a discount. Pre planning and committing yourself to a certain week during the summer holidays could slice hundreds off your final holiday price.

This could also create a great incentive to work towards if you are in a full or part time job, or to keep yourself motivated throughout your university year; with the reward of a holiday very much coming into sight.

Celebrate Organisation:

Having an evening where you get your holiday group of friends together, invite them round , cook your my favourite dishes, or cuisine from the place you wish to visit can make for really fun evening of organising.

You can accompany this by a few cocktails or a bottle or two of your favourite drink, to make the whole experience of your holiday – including planning, at an event to remember.

IF you are someone who finds winter a rather challenging time fo your mental state, then having a night to plan for happier/sunnier days can definitely help with this side of life.

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