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Why Pride Events Can Get The Whole Family Involved

Jasmyne Jeffery June 12, 2022

Pride events are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all things LGBTQ+, so why not bring the family to normalise pride from a young age.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Plenty of kids grow up with same-sex parents which may mean pride celebrations are normal to them. However, this may be less so if you’re from a heteronormative home, particularly if you’re from a less accepting area. That’s why it’s so important to normalise the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community from a young age. Creating more accepting areas as new generations grow up is crucial so others can live their true lives without an ounce of fear.

Representation through the media is a great way to help normalise and accurately represent the world around us. Shows such as Heartstopper and The Beaker Girls, made for younger audiences, are steps towards introducing and normalising the topic. However, first-hand involvement in pride events can not only normalise it but show how being who you are is a cause for celebration.

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Different events

Of course, not all pride events are family-friendly, and they shouldn’t be. Lots of clubs hold pride celebrations and many people feel more comfortable celebrating without their families. This can’t be taken away from the community- everyone needs space to express themselves and celebrate how they want to. Something integral to pride is the recognition of the incredibly tough reality of the past, and unfortunately the present for the community. Obviously, you shouldn’t shy away from this but it can be difficult to explain in full to younger children.

Lots of people who are LGBTQ+ have strained relationships with their biological family, and they consider the community their true family. Of course, ignoring this reality can have a detrimental effect on how people choose to celebrate. That’s why having both options readily available is so important – everybody needs to feel comfortable.

Countless pride events are happening around the country, so they are plenty that gets the whole family involved. Bring your parents, siblings or grandparents – even if you’re just allies or want to share more with your family.

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