Why Students Should Vote In Local Elections
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Why Students Should Vote In Local Elections

Charis Gambon May 5, 2022

Today (May 5) is the local elections where candidates will be hoping to secure votes in order to become the area’s MP. Polling stations throughout England, Scotland and Wales will be open from 7am through to 10pm, meaning that every person should be able to find time to express their vote. You may however find yourself wondering why students should vote in the local elections, which is something I can answer here for you in this article.

Who wins affects where you live

Councils have the power in your local area and, as a result, who wins affects what happens within that area. Councils usually run schools, libraries, street cleaning, leisure centres, waste collection; in fact, many of these are vital to local areas.  Different candidates will have different plans for the same area. So take the time to impact what you want to happen.

Councillors are important

Councillors, rather than MPs, will be the people you get in touch with if you want to improve your life and local area over the next four years. Councillors may also have a crucial say over whether planned developments take place within your local area. Make sure that you understand what each councillor option is standing for to ensure that you pick the option you are happy with.  Councillors understand the locality and will often fight for the best interest of the people.

Voting gives you the right to complain

If you did not go out and vote for who is in charge of your area, you cannot then complain about plans, changes or how the money is spent. If you truly cared about your local area, you need to vote.

Voting is democratic

In choosing to vote you are partaking in this country’s democracy. The democratic right to vote shouldn’t be taken for granted as it is not an option in every country. It’s a privilege to be able to express your opinion through voting.

Voting does not happen often

Unlike other countries, we don’t vote on every issue within this country and, as a result, voting within your local area only comes around every four years.  If you would like a say on the next four years, pop to your polling station while you can.

Voting is anonymous

You can vote for whoever you personally feel is the best candidate for your local area, as nobody will know who you have voted for. It is only between you and your ballot.  Even if you don’t like any of the candidates, still vote, because you can always spoil the ballot as it makes a bigger statement than simply not voting at all.

Make sure that you do go along to vote for who will be in charge of your local area. Elections are incredibly important and allow you the opportunity to express what you want to happen in your area. Who wins will directly affect your life, so it is certainly worth five minutes of your time.  Visit before work, during your lunch or after work. When you choose to visit doesn’t matter, what matters is that you chose to vote.

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