Why The Eleventh Hour Is The Best Series Opening Of Doctor Who
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Why The Eleventh Hour Is The Best Series Opening Of Doctor Who

Phebe Williams August 19, 2022

Everyone has their favourite Doctor and all-time go to episode of Doctor Who. I’ve seen debates and Twitter arguments on why 10 is better than 11. That debate can only ever be ended on personal opinion.

One thing that I have come across (that is a consensus) is that the episode ‘Eleventh Hour’ is the best series opener of Doctor Who.

The episode itself is also my go-to favourite episode. There is just too much that is good in one hour that you can’t afford to miss.

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New New New

New series, new Doctor and new companion.

The Eleventh Hour starts a whole new era of Doctor Who, bringing new fans from all across the galaxy. After the regeneration of the much loved David Tennant, Matt Smith came in bringing in a new young bubbly face to the show. Creating his ‘ragedy man’ in a perfect way.

As well as our ‘ragedy man’, we were introduced to Amy Pond, played by the wonderful Karen Gillan. The Scottish powerhouse of the Ponds were brought to our screens and we fell in love.


The Eleventh Hour makes Doctor Who a fairytale, when we first meet Amy Pond she is seven-year-old Amelia Pond – a girl who, much like any character in a fantasy novel, discovers something enchanting one night in her back garden. While wishing someone would come and save her from the crack in her wall.

I just love the opening sequence with The Doctor and Amelia. Amelia Pond has to put up with the newly growing manic and quirky Doctor and she helps him find his taste buds. Going from beans (“bad bad beans”) to the iconic fish fingers and custard. Through his bizarre food choices, we learn that Amelia is alone and scared of her crack in her wall. The Doctor acts as a parental figure who comforts her.

Moffat and the team bring in our companion as a child to then catch up with her 12 years later in the town of Leadworth fighting the Atraxi.

The Atraxi, who are Prisoner Zero’s guards threaten to scorch the Earth in a little amount of time so The Doctor does, what he does best – becoming a genius with a plan under pressure. While being his humorous self in some of his dialogue, for example: “wHo dA mAn”. The fast pace of the episode keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats and drawn in to these new characters who will be part of their lives for the foreseeable future.

After managing to contain Prisoner Zero, and as Atraxi fly away from the Earth, everything is back to normal, the Doctor calls for them to return and give them a memorable warning.

This scene, in my opinion, is one of the best scenes in New Who. In this immense moment, he shows his serious and badass side and shows the enemy that the Earth is protected — and if you wish to cause harm to the Human Race, you should “… Run”

Showing a cameo of each Doctor in the Atraxi’s hologram was a touching moment, especially for long-time fans.


Without us knowing at the time, this episode magically sets up the plot for the whole of series 5, as well as parts of 6.

The crack in Amelia’s wall was the crack in time and space taking away her memories and family members, to even her husband-to-be, Rory Williams. Having something that pays a big part in the whole show written into the first episode helps round off the story.

This is a similar aspect to that fact Amy Pond went away with the Doctor on her wedding night, which we go back to in the series finale of ‘The Pandorica Opens’ and ‘The Big Bang’.

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As a round off, the episode begins the Moffat era of writing, creating science fantasy rather than science fiction.

A full ‘fantastic’ storyline, one that goes full circle in all of these adventures, is pure human moment. A young child waiting for their imaginary friend, to gradually lose that sense of wonder as she grows old.

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