Why The Number Of Pets In Rescue Centres Is At All Time High
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Why The Number Of Pets In Rescue Centres Is At All Time High

Cicely McFarlane September 5, 2022

Animal shelters have recently spoken out due to the huge influx of animals that they receiving. They spoke out about the reasons behind this unprecedented rise.

Ever since the pandemic, due to the cost of living increasing and arguably being in crisis, many people bought pets at a time when they needed companionship and comfort.

Why is there an increase of animals in shelters?

With the world slowly but surely returning to normal after the pandemic, and the end of isolation, many people felt overwhelmed with the huge responsibility of a pet that they had taken on.

Although we learn through advertisements and companies such as Dogs Trust that ‘a dog is not just for Christmas, it is for life’, many people cannot blame those who sought comfort and friendship from animals during a global pandemic.

However, this has led to an unprecedented number of animals now being left in shelters and rescue centres.

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What can be done from here?

Arguably there is an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness as what can individuals do to prevent the further increase of animals being abandoned at these rescue centres?

However, there are small things that people can do in their everyday life to help these organisations.

Donations or raising money for specific rescue charities will really help the staff and members of the community to care for these animals properly.

This will also enable them to work more efficiently to get these pets rehomed safely.

Also, for those hoping to buy or give an animal a home, look through shelters and rescue pages and organisations before buying a puppy or kitten from a new-born letter .

This will give the opportunity for these beautiful animals to find their forever home.

If you are thinking about having a pet, make sure to look on sites such as Battersea dogs and cats home, Dogs Trust, as well as your local animal crisis and rescue shelters.

Here you may find exactly the companion you are looking for!

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