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Why Was Lofi Girl Missing In A Recent Stream?

Molly Raby April 17, 2023

We all love to listen to some chilled, relaxing music and Lofi Girl is the perfect solution to this. We thought that she would always be there for us, sat at her desk with that cute cat. But this April she went missing. During a stream on April 1, Lofi Girl was not sat at her desk, and it had everyone wondering what is going on. We have since realised the reason and it is much better than we thought!

Who Is Lofi Girl?

Lofi Girl is a YouTube channel that sees an anime-style girl with headphones on, sat at her desk working. There is lofi (low-fidelity) music on in the background which gives a relaxing vibe.

For years, people have turned Lofi Girl on just to have her on in the background while they revise, work, complete chores or even fall asleep.

Lofi Girl currently has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube and that number is constantly rising, especially with the new introduction.

Why Was Lofi Girl Missing?

On April 1, Lofi Girl was missing from a stream. Upon her return, the official Lofi Girl Instagram account posted the caption:

“I’ve always wondered what’s behind that blue window… What do you think?”

In following streams, there was a blue window flashing in a building behind Lofi Girl. Fans speculated if it was Morse code which was, in fact, correct. The code took users to a new website, lofiworld.com.

There was then a live stream that ultimately showed a new Lofi character in the expanding ‘lofi world’. The stream saw a Lofi Boy sat at a desk, in the blue flashing room, with his dog. There is an Instagram post about the new character that reads:

“Today marks a very exciting day for the channel… Introducing a brand new character in the Lofi World, we bring you the genre of Synthwave – beats to chill/game to.”

This expansion has us wondering how far Lofi World will go. We can only hope there are more characters and rooms to be announced. At least we now know where Lofi Girl went – into that much-talked about blue window.

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