Why Bonfire Night Is Better Than Halloween
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Why Bonfire Night Is Better Than Halloween

Cicely McFarlane October 31, 2022

At this time of year, Halloween gets all the attention for events and celebrations. October 31, of course, can be fun, but just round the corner is bonfire night – and that is one of my favourite days of the year! In short, for me at least, Bonfire Night is better than Halloween.

Below are the reasons for why bonfire night should not be forgotten or overlooked by its spookier cousin. As well as tips on how to celebrate it this year with your friends! 

The Best Bonfire Night Locations

Of course, at any firework display (no matter where you are) you will be able to see the magnificent display in the sky. Yet deciding on what event to go to can make or break the evening itself. 

Some places throw huge fairs and afternoon events to enjoy rather than just the evening of fireworks.

One example of an amazing fireworks night to attend would be the one in Blackheath, Greenwich. Here they have lots of stalls and rides, as well as numerous food trucks to tuck in to.

This is all happening around you as you start to see your breath in frosty air, and it begins to darken. 

Photo by Kevin Davison on Unsplash

If you live by a beach, then it is more usual than not that the firework display near you will take place on the seafront. This means you have the backdrop of a starry sky and crashing waves, as the fireworks start to go off. 

This, in addition to enjoying writing your name or, in my family’s tradition, wishes with sparklers, can be one of the best evenings to really enjoy. 

Food and Drink

As always, people associate breaking a diet or delving into massive amounts of food and drink with Christmas. But it is the food on Bonfire Night that gets overlooked. 

Being outside and watching a huge display of pretty fireworks, while enjoying cheesy chips and a beer or hot cider, as you start to smell the burning bonfire is such as great aspect of this night, that no one should miss out on. 

Minimal Effort with Maximum Reward

There is often so much planning involved with Halloween. There are costumes to arrange and parties to set up. But Bonfire Night is all done for you.

Just wrap up nice and warm and enjoy one of the many events taking place in your local community or further afield.

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