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Why You Should Delete Dating Apps

Jessica Hamilton March 28, 2022

After my last failed situationship I swore off dating apps and I haven’t looked back since. Releasing yourself from the shackles of tinder and hinge is difficult, but certainly doable! If you need some motivation to finally bin these apps, then read ahead. 

It builds confidence 

Dating apps fluctuate your self-esteem. Some people can feel empowered and liberated using them. Yet they can leave others with a negative perception of themselves. Using dating apps is fine, but relying on them for validation isn’t. Deleting the apps is likely to build long-lasting confluence. You learn to validate yourself and avoid settling too easily. 

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No awkward dates

Each time a tinder date falls short of my expectations, I end up ordering a few drinks to calm my nerves. Halfway through I wonder if my initial impressions were correct. Maybe I should give them a chance, I’m having fun right? Wrong! In reality I’m on my fourth drink and ended up entertaining myself. Swearing off dating apps can prevent this from happening again. It also prevents the hassle of entering a stress-inducing fling with someone you don’t even like. 

There’s less anxiety 

As someone with an anxious-attachment style, deleting dating apps has provided me with a lot of peace. I no longer feel the anxiety after someone hasn’t responded for an hour. I don’t have to spend three hours getting ready for someone I’m not sure will show up. 

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There’s less shame being single

Seeing endless possibilities of people you could date doesn’t do wonders for your self esteem. And a long line of failed tinder dates can leave you wondering: What’s wrong with me?. Deleting the constant reminder that nobody wants to date you offers patience and satisfaction within your single life. Let connections flow to you without forcing them. It gives you a lot more time to focus on yourself. 

So, if you’re done with dating apps, delete them already! If you can avoid re-downloading at your earliest convenience, you’ll notice how your life can change.

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