Why You Should Watch BBC’s Love Life
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Why You Should Watch BBC’s Love Life

Molly Raby June 16, 2022

In June 2020, series one of Love Life was released on the BBC. After it was widely well-received, the second series aired in October 2021 on the same platform. 

Love Life is an anthology of someone’s love life, from their first all the way up until their last love or romance. Series one follows Darby Carter, with each episode detailing her next romantic encounter. Series two instead follows Marcus Watkins, following the same principle.


In series one, Darby, in her early 30’s, has an array of romantic interests. She keeps flashing back to her exciting and vivacious teenage years and feels as though they are long gone. However, after a few chats with her best girlfriends, she gets back out there and realises that her life is not over just because her age now begins with a three.

Hollie Richardson for Stylist writes, Love Life ‘just makes me feel normal. It reminds me that most of us don’t have it perfect when it comes to our love lives. We all go through periods of loneliness and pain…But life always goes on and gets better.’

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Character flaws

Characters in this show are far from perfect. But, this doesn’t mean we don’t love them. Seeing the progression of one persons relationships can really give you a taste of them. 

With Darby, she doesn’t have the perfect Disney princess love story. At times in her life, she finds someone, becomes infatuated with them and the love fizzles. With others, she loves them for one night. However, for a select few throughout her life, she actually falls in love. We see how those two either make it work, or how they allow their past trauma and pain to blind them and ruin what they have now.

One reviewer writes, that that show is ‘comfortable and feels realistic’. They add, ‘The odds are, especially if you’re a woman, you’ll recognize at least some of your relationship gaffs in Darby’s exploits.’

Outstanding casting

Anna Kendrick portrays the main character of series one, Darby Carter as well as being executive producer on the show. Kendrick is possibly most known for playing accapella singer Becca Mitchell in the Pitch Perfect films. The actress manages to show both Carter’s maturity as well as her childishness extremely well thorughout Love Life series one and subsequent guest stars on series two.

Kendrick also has great on-screen chemistry with William Jackson Harper who plays Marcus Watkins. Watkins stands as the new lead in series two of Love Life. He is also in his mid 30’s and is happily married until he meets Mia. Harper has made his stamp on the industry after being in The Good Place and Midsommar.

One reviewer labelled Harper’s performance as brimming with ‘starlike charisma and a naturalness that makes the character seem completely relatable and recognisable.’

Other notable cast members are Zoe Chao (The Afterparty), Jin Ha (Pachinko), Jessica Williams (2 Dope Queens), Peter Vack (Someone Great) and Leslie Bibb (Confessions of a Shopaholic).

Easy watching

This show is easily bingeable. Each of the series have ten episodes of 30 minutes. If you are a seasoned binge-watcher, this ten-hour round watch could be boxed off in one day, or at least two. There is nothing better than a show that is easy to watch, with relatable characters, appealing plots and a great pay off at the end.

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