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13 Hilarious Easter Memes For The Hoppy Weekend

Jasmyne Jeffery April 7, 2023

Now Easter is here and you’ve eaten as much chocolate as possible. The only thing left to do is slouch on the couch and laugh at some relatable yet hilarious Easter memes.

We’ve given you some ideas for Easter snacks, and even some riddles for your Easter egg hunts. Now, it’s time for the jokes.

Everyone loves a meme, especially when you’ve had a long weekend of treating yourself in the name of the Lord. If you’ve eaten a little too much and can’t move off the sofa, then take a look at these funny Easter memes to round off the celebrations. Just don’t jiggle your stomach too much.

Funny Easter Memes To Get You Giggling

Any one of the following sums up our emotions over the weekend. Whether you’ve had to work or are loving the time off, you’ll relate to lots of these.

If you’ve been lucky enough to get one of these, then you never have them for very long.

There’s no one around to hide the eggs until Easter Sunday either. We’re not going to lie and say that many eggs haven’t already been consumed.

Our favourite season, just remember to stock up when they’re discounted tomorrow!

If you’re a parent this weekend, then we salute you.

This Easter meme brings back a lot of emotions. Mainly, sugar-fueled frustration.

We think they’ll be a lot of people wanting to run off of the treats from the long weekend.

This Easter meme is for all the kids dragged out for a walk by their parents.

Everyone needs to remember that no one is too old for Easter eggs.

This Easter meme highlights the true inspiration for Mr Brightside.

Students love the Easter holidays until they remember they actually have deadlines coming up.

It’s some kind of sorcery.

An Easter egg makes everything better.

Back in time for Easter eggs. Sounds like the perfect weekend.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these hilarious Easter memes whilst celebrating. Hopefully, you’ve now got room for another egg before going back to work.

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