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The Best Daytime Easter Activities For Students

Cicely McFarlane April 1, 2023

You may be very excited for the upcoming Easter break. That could be if you are religious and wish to celebrate the Christian holiday, or if you are just looking forward to a rest from work, revision, exams or study. If you want some daytime Easter activities to change things up, there are plenty of options.

The time of year is great to try something outside of your usual school or university schedule.

Below are some great ways to do that. Even though this is prime revision time, you need to make sure that you take some time to enjoy yourself and have some fun; especially with the weather (hopefully) taking a turn for the better.

Group Activities

The ideal daytime Easter activity could be as simple as a themed party.

This, of course, could involve some chocolate themed cocktail making, an Easter egg hunt, or some fancy dress. Or it could simply be an excuse to get dressed up and celebrate the end of term with your friends.

At university it is important to celebrate every milestone together, as for many this would be the first time you have lived away from home and looked after yourself.

Easter shows that the academic year is nearly over, as you head into your final term. So treating yourself to a meal, drinks, or both, will be a fun time for everyone.

Many will have projects, essays, exams or dissertations still to come. So, enjoying the little moments can be a great way to release some pressure and decrease your stress levels.

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Decorating Eggs

This is a really fun activity to do with your friends around Easter time. It also saves you spending money on expensive Easter eggs.

You can either gift your egg to a friend or family member or, if the design didn’t exactly go to plan, decorate these chocolate eggs and then have them in the evening with a movie and takeaway.

You could even make things exciting by turning it into a competition within your house.

The best or tastiest egg either wins a bottle of their choosing, or potentially gets dinner bought for them by the rest of the house.

I speak from experience that, for my university house, this made things all the more competitive. It also ensured people really put the effort in to not only have the power of gloating, but also to be treated for the evening and save those extra pounds that every university student needs.


Of course, if you are religious, attending local church services or religious societies within your university is a great way to meet people with the same beliefs or values as yourself.

Do not feel you have to lessen your values or beliefs when, in a university environment, there are societies and clubs that will develop this aspect of your life if you wish to.

This is something you can explore further whilst attending university if you wish to. However you are planning to spend the Easter period, we hope you enjoy it.

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