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14 Happy Half Term Memes For Students And Teachers Alike

Jasmyne Jeffery May 26, 2023

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, the holidays have definitely been earned. Hopefully, the sunshine is here to stay as we share some happy half term memes and images to share the spirit!

Many have either taken their exams or been stressed for students during exam season. Either way, half term is finally here and a much-needed break can be had. If you do have more tests after the holidays, then we might recommend doing some revision as well!

However, with your first evening off, we suggest sitting back and relaxing with a hilarious meme or two, to sum up how you’re feeling.

Happy Half Term Memes As The Holidays Begin

Whether you’ve packed your work laptop away for a week or you’ve closed your revision book, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a meme or two.

Plus, you can let everyone else know how you’re feeling by sharing any of the following on your social media!

We’ve all been on a countdown ever since we came back!

It’s all about relaxing and taking some necessary ‘me’ time.

That fist-pumping baby sums up how everyone feels today.

Who are we to go against what Alexa says?

Teachers have definitely down their part!

It’s even better when it’s a bank holiday Monday!

We’re all so close to the end of the year. One final half term will help see us all through.

The thought of no alarms for the next week is bliss.

Nothing can knock the smile off your face when it’s the start of half term!

Okay but it’s probably best GCSE and A-Level students do at least a little bit of revision.

Right now, we’re not thinking about when it’s over.

It gets more and more disorganised as the weeks go on. But no lesson plans for the next week!

This meme sums up all the missed sleep everyone is catching up on.

Just a few happy half term images for you to pick from here.

Enjoy your half term!

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