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31 Instagram Captions For Exams As GCSEs And A levels Start

Jasmyne Jeffery May 15, 2023

The moment many have been waiting for is finally here. Yes, exam season has arrived, with those in Years 11 to 13 sitting them for the next four weeks. And there’s no better way to share your feelings on how it’s all gone than by summing it up on social media. Here are some Instagram captions for exams to do just that.

Right now, your priorities are probably not making hilarious Instagram posts, but it might be a good way to unwind after an especially stressful day of exams. Plus, once your Year 13 or GCSE exams are done, they’ll be plenty of time to collate all your feelings into one snappy line to summarise it all.

No matter what subject you’ve just taken, we’ve got some perfect Instagram captions for your exam season.

Instagram Captions For Exam Season

Pick any of the following to use for your end-of-exams post, to sum up your revision life, or even for one particular exam that deserves an upload of its own.

For When You’re In The Midst Of Exams And Revision

  • I wish I could fit a memory card into my brain for Exams.
  • I hate studying for exams, Is there an APP for that?
  • Dear Google, why don’t you sit next to me through my exam?
  • Dear Maths, please grow up and solve your own problems, I am tired of solving them for you.
  • I am in a relationship with studies and it’s complicated.
  • All-nighters and caffeine, here we go
  • I hate the silence of an exam hall more than anything.
  • I’ll be glad never to study [subject] again.
  • Alright, who’s taking one for the team so we can all pass?
  • Who is actually going to use this in their life?
  • That exam is the only time going forward when I’ll never have a calculator to hand.
  • If I look at this anymore I think my eyes will break.
  • I wanted to write LOL at the end of that exam.
  • I can’t wait until my life isn’t endless revision at this table.
  • Not sure I can tell any of my subjects apart now.
  • Social life, where did you go?
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Captions For When Exams Are Finally Over

  • Happiness is … the last second of your final exam.
  • What is the main reason for failure? I think it’s exams.
  • Here’s to hoping for good grades.
  • One step closer to leaving.
  • Here’s hoping I didn’t flunk at least one of those.
  • Well, at least that’s over!
  • Really looking forward to using algebra and quoting Shakespeare in real-life.
  • Definitely bragging if I say that exam actually went pretty well.
  • Starting to think that maybe revising would have helped.
  • If I never have to look at an equations sheet again, I’ll be very happy.
  • I’ve decided that exams definitely aren’t for me.
  • No more exams means going outside once again.
  • Last day of exams, party tonight?
  • Thank God that’s finally over.
  • Does anyone actually like exams?

Pick any of the above to make the perfect social media post to quickly sum up your feelings. Good luck to all those sitting exams over the next few weeks!

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