Five Top Tips To Revise At University
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Five Top Tips To Revise At University

Victoria Causley December 19, 2022

It’s that time of year where your exams are coming up and you need to knuckle down and crack on with some work, but how? It can often be difficult balancing your social life and revision so here are some tips to revise at university.

1. Find what form of revision works for you

Revision can be difficult for anyone, but even harder if you don’t know where to begin. Try out some different styles and be consistent with what works for you. Do you find writing revision cards works well? Revision rhymes, posters or videos? Give lots of ways a go and try to find one that suits you best.

2. Try not to stress too much

This is arguably the most important of our tips to revise at university. It can be a lot easier said than done to not stress, but worrying really only makes things worse. Try to meditate to relax in the evenings leading up to your exam. In short, try to remain as calm as you can! You’ve got this.

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3. Give yourself a break

As important as revision is, you also need to relax. Work hard throughout the day and give yourself a break in the evening. Go and meet a friend, watch a film or cook a nice meal. You need to give yourself time to switch off too.

4. Set yourself a schedule

Organising your brain might help you work better and more efficiently. You could create a planner on your laptop and print it out, or maybe even draw one. Make things colourful and aesthetic so that you definitely use it. Set yourself a few hours to revise and an hour or so to rest. It’s important to keep a healthy balance!

5. Try the ‘Forest’ App

If you struggle with procrastination then this app is a must-have! Set yourself a time and watch your tree grow by not going on your phone for the set time. It really helps with focusing and, by the end of your revision, you’ll have a forest of trees!

The main thing to remember with revision is that you can only do your best. Work hard, try out these tips and, whatever the outcome, you’ll know that you’ve done all you can. Make sure you look after yourself throughout the exam season – and good luck!

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