Cassie’s Worst Moments In Euphoria Season Two
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​​Cassie’s Worst Moments In Euphoria Season Two

Jessica Hamilton March 7, 2022

We have seen Cassie in a whole new light in season two of Euphoria. Her rapid mental decline has become one of the main plot lines this season and fans watch as she becomes progressively unhinged. Sydney Sweeney has demonstrated an impressive range of acting skills and has managed to outrage audiences as a result. As the season wraps up lets recap some of Cassie’s worst moments. 

Caught in the act

Kicking-starting her fall from grace is her decision to begin a relationship with Maddy’s ex-boyfriend Nate. Shortly after hooking up with Nate she finds herself hiding from her best friend in the bathtub, after a desperate-to-pee Maddy interrupts their rendezvous.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she unknowingly throws a dirty cloth at her after using it as an alternative for toilet paper. This scene really sets the tone for what’s to come. 

Kitten heels

While Cassie is undeniably gorgeous, her fashion choices have been questionable this season. Her Oklahoma outfit provided entertainment for characters and audiences. The response to this dress is best summarised by Maddy’s choice of words: ’B*tch you better be joking me’. But one accessory stood out more than the others: the kitten heels. The season wouldn’t have been the same without the awkward clip-clop sound coming from Cassie’s feet. It’s definitely on the soundtrack to this tragedy.

“No I don’t even know why she would say that”

The expose of Cassie and Nate’s relationship makes for some good television. And credit must be given to Sydney Sweeney who perfectly encapsulates how anyone would respond to this confrontation. Her embarrassment and stuttering, followed by her running away from the situation altogether, is definitely one of her worst moments this season. 


Cassie furiously breathing on the auditorium door might not be the most obvious choice of worst moments. But her inner rage is perfectly exemplified. Sweeney is great at provoking audience response. We physically feel embarrassment for her and fear what she’s about to do next. 

The villain

Cassie definitely had the right to be angry at Lexi’s play. Imagine your sister writing an expose on your childhood trauma and your entire school viewing it. This definitely tipped her over the edge. Getting on the stage and angry crying was definitely not her finest moment. And being chased out of the room by an enraged Maddy, prepared to slam her head into a wall, was definitely the cherry on top.

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